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 How you can start learning Kriya. How can I learn to meditate and make meditations a regular practice? Can I complete an online training and prepare for the Kriya seminar?

The section “Education” on the Imram Kriya website is addressed to these issues.

We recommend to start studying Kriya with the following items in the section:

  1. Meditation. You will learn what Kriya meditation is and what deep meditation means. You will also know where to start.
  2. “Home studies”: Practicing with Master Imram according to a step-by-step program with gradual complication.
  3. Weekly meditation. Online meditation on Saturdays at 10:00 NYT and GMT helps to feel the power of joint practice and makes for regularity.
  4. Webinars and lectures. In this section you can view the recordings of Master Imram’s webinars and lectures. You will hear Master’s answers to various questions and get valuable knowledge about the alchemy of the body, as well as about karma and enlightenment. You will also learn about the methods of life extension and familiarise yourself with some other philosophical and practical issues.
  5. All courses. We recommend online courses primarily to those who have not yet attended the seminar, as well as to those who want to supplement their regular practice. You can take the “Kriya-nidra” course and watch the recording of the unifying joint practice with Master at any time.

“When you perform the first actions on the path to self-realization, I advise you to study the selected material of spiritual practice. One must clearly understand where the practice is heading.”

Master Imram

We wish you success on the path of spiritual development!

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