Imram Kriya 2 months ago

Where do we go in our dreams and what are prophetic dreams? A sleep is the most habitual and mysterious state in our lives, but what do we know about sleep? Why can’t a person live without sleep and where are we when we fall asleep?

There are two reasons why people sleep and you will learn about them in our NEW VIDEO on Imram Kriya YouTube channel.

The premiere is tonight at 20:00 Moscow time!

Master Imram answers questions about dreams:

  • Where do we go, when we fall sleep?
  • What happens when we fall asleep and why not all people can control their dreams?
  • Is it worth striving for conscious dreaming?
  • What are prophetic dreams?
  • Why do I dream about dead relatives?
  • How can I see past lives?

Master will tell you whether to read dreamscape and how to make your own personal interpreter of dreams, what it means to see saints and Gurus in a dream and how to deal with it.

Friends, it will be interesting as always – come and invite your friends!

We are waiting for you at the premiere tonight at 20:00 Moscow time on Imram Kriya – Yoga YouTube channel.

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