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How to deal with feelings of guilt; what is vampirism and how does it manifest itself; how to cleanse your house of negativity? Imram will address these and other questions in a NEW VIDEO on Imram Kriya YouTube channel.

The premiere is April, 8 at 8:00pm Moscow time!

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Interview highlights:

  • How do you handle provocations from those closest to you?
  • Can a person find out on their own that there is a demon inside them?
  • Why would a person commit suicide?
  • What mantra can help get out of a strong emotional state?
  • What happens when people see dead relatives in their dreams and what should they do about it?
  • What is sleep paralysis and how do you cope with it?
  • When should I practise pranayamas and when not?
  • Why do profound changes occur after Imram Kriya seminar?

Imram will share his personal story of how to free yourself from subtle influences, advice on what to do when you see astral entities and talk about the difference between leaving your body and entering a spiritual state.

Friends, the topics are very exciting as always. See you at the premiere this Saturday at 8:00pm on Imram Kriya Yoga YouTube channel.

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