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“You should utter such words which carry strength with them.” Today we present a fragment from Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s course of lectures “SUMMER LEAVES IN BRINDAVAN”, which he addressed to young people in the 70s of the 20th century.

“Once we understand and appreciate what is true and what is permanent, then these transient things will not give us any trouble whatsoever.

If you want to establish one truth, it is possible to do so only by following and by practising other related truths. Just as we have to use a thorn to remove a thorn and just as we have to use a diamond to cut a diamond, so also if you want to remove the effect of bad actions you can remove them only by other good actions.

A good action is needed to remove a bad action. Following this, law that a Karma has to be done in order to sanctify another bad action, our Vedas have taught us to distinguish between forbidden work and prescribed work, or the right type of action.

Therefore we should make every effort to recognise the aspect of speech and the life force. Earlier while giving you the meaning of Angirasa, I had explained this. Because these aspects are present in every one of our limbs and the organs, this force has been called Angirasa. That limb in which there is no life force begins to deteriorate.

Taking the aspects of speech we should take care to utter only such words which have life in them. You should utter such words which carry strength with them. Today the words which are coming out of the mouths of young people are lifeless. They are not attaching any importance to whatever work they do. They are not regarding the work as full of life or quality. They simply think that whatever they do is for only a selfish end. We now see that they are wanting to hear only useless things. This is the reason why the value of a human being has come down so low today.

To be born as a man is a very sacred thing. […] One must make the determination to use all the organs in our body for sacred purposes.”

📖 Discourse of Sathya Sai Baba during the Summer Course in Spirituality and Indian Culture held for College Students at Brindavan, Whitefield, Bangalore District in May/June 1974

Chapter 10 Raja yoga is the Combination of Bhakti and Karma

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1 month ago

My dear SWAMI ! How beautiful you are on this picture! I like this article - please share more Swami's wisdom.

Имрам Крийя
1 month ago

My dear friend, thank you a lot 🙏 We will continue ti share the wisdom of Swami follow our posts, news. 🙏💖🌸

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