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A retreat is an intense, mind-transforming practice.
This is your starting point for deep inner changes.

During group sessions, Imram transmits knowledge and experience, helping participants attain an inner state of joy, confidence and peace of mind.

A 2-day retreat offers the opportunity to:

  • Practise together with Imram, experiencing assistance and support;
  • Ask questions about practice and self-development;
  • Improve your physical condition;
  • Refine your practice and consolidate the knowledge gained at the seminar, acquiring personal experience;
  • Integrate morning and evening practices into your daily routine;
  • Spend the weekend in the country in a company like-minded people;
  • Take a break from information overload and a bustling social life to find inspiration.
The retreat can be attended only after completing the seminar!

Mini-retreat agenda:

July 5 (Friday)
с 16:00
Participant registration
21:00 - 22:00
Meeting with Imram and Khadija
July 6-7 (Saturday and Sunday)
10:00 - 12:30
Morning group practice with Master
16:00 - 18:00
Afternoon group practice with Master
20:30 - 22:00
Satsang (communication) with Imram
July 8 (Monday)
by 12:00
Check-out from the hotel

Group practice is an opportunity to practice the techniques learned at the seminar, to immerse deeply in meditation and concentration, and to gain valuable personal experience.

During daily practice with Imram and Khadija, participants perform 42 Kriyas (energizing exercises to improve the physical state of the body and free the mind from negative patterns), as well as basic and progressive meditative techniques. As a result, you will be able to refine the subtleties of the techniques for yourself and incorporate regular practice into your daily routine.

During the retreat all conditions are created for a deeper understanding of oneself and experiencing powerful inner changes for advanced practitioners, while for beginners, there is also an opportunity for detailed study of techniques and transformation of their thinking.

Satsangs are a unique opportunity to meet Imram, to ask exercising issues and to communicate. To hear Imram’s advice in a warm and cordial atmosphere This opportunity is available only at retreats, it helps to deal with situations that arise, to gain clarity, the right understanding and attitude to life.

Where the retreat will take place

The mini-retreat will be held in Davos, Switzerland. Participants will practice in the Congress Center, the main conference venue in Davos. Surrounded by picturesque nature, you can explore the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the fresh air during your free time between sessions.

You can come for a mini-retreat with the whole family and enjoy time together during breaks between sessions. It is a good opportunity not only to immerse yourself into the practice, devoting time to yourself and communicating with Imram and Khadija in a beautiful and quiet place, but also to take a break from the usual social life and information noise.

Date and Venue

6-7 July, 2024
Talstrasse 49a Davos, Switzerland
Mini-retreat fee is
1000 euro
There is a direct transfer of knowledge and experience from heart to heart,
from Master to disciple...at a retreat

Kriya is a quick method of achieving results on the way to a happy life, longevity and high awareness. More and more often, many of us are asking questions how to stay in a calm state in any situation, how to harmonize the space inside and outside. Meditation is an effective means of awakening our consciousness and strengthening universal human values.

A mini-retreat is an opportunity to devote 2 full days to self-development practice in a soulful atmosphere outside the city, to immerse yourself in new sensations and experiences. And inner changes facilitate transformations in all areas of our life.

The most important things that practice can give a person are the feeling of self-respect and understanding that they are no longer the one they used to be. They gain strength, mental knowledge, food for thought, and understanding of how it all works. But most importantly, they gain the feeling of joy and glee.


Participants testimonials

Anastasia: Kriya transforms not only you, but everything around you
Maxim: To those who want to get out of the matrix I recommend to try Kriya Yoga
Хenia: There must be more in my life... it has to be something that fulfills me and makes me happy
Natalia: I was unable to get up, but now I soar and want to help people
Evgenia: My child is more excited about the retreat than I am
Ustinia: It's such a magical moment of personal growth.
Mikhail: Kriya is a tool I use for growth and development in business.
Natalya: When you follow your feelings, your life unfolds the best way possible
Looking forward to seeing you at July mini-retreat!


3 months ago


3 months ago

Every mini-retreat though it is miny is a vast experience and a life to live - it is a mistery and LOVE... O Life! Thank you so much for these wonderful presents!

Имрам Крийя
3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Looking forward seeing you in Davos!

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