How food affects a person


18 June 2022

Food carries information. It is energy in its manifested form. If you bring something into your body, it becomes the building material for it. But the building material is expressed not only physically, but also informationally. Therefore, such an expression is out there: “We are what we think about, we are what and how we breathe, and we are what we eat”.

What food should be like


Food should be pure and sattvic, it should carry the energy of the cosmos and the sun. It is best if the foods grow out in the light, and not underground – not roots and not vegetables that are pulled out of the soil, although there is nothing wrong with them, they do their part too.

Food should elevate a person, not undermine or not turn his frequency characteristics into coarse ones. Food should not leave toxins in a person or what is called decomposition. It is good if it’s more saturated with the vibrations of the sun. Such food benefits a person.

If we talk about boiled food that stood for a long time, even stayed overnight, then this food turns into a tamasic product that makes a person’s vibrations coarse. This person grows stupid – such food is unsuitable. Most people, as it seems to them, do not have the opportunity to eat freshly cooked meals, they have, due to circumstances, to eat that which has stood for a very long time.

What's more important

It’s very important how one eats, with what thoughts.

Food has a very big influence on a person, but to a lesser extent than breathing, mental concept, attitude or goal, idea. Since the power of intention can compensate for everything. Even if you have ingested poison, by the power of intention or by the energy of mental force, psychic energy, you can neutralize that poison.

Master Imram 

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