How music affects us


24 December 2021

Musical instruments are created by humans but what’s behind them is sound, vibration. The Creator expresses Himself as Sound and Light, that’s why music has a very big impact on us, just like painting, for example.  All forms in which are manifested are vibrations, sound. Musical instruments are vibrations shaped into a form. Behind them is vibration of the energy itself. And this shaped vibration also produces new vibrations—this is sound.

Music and human energy centres

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Vibration of sound is linked to our chakras. Almost everything in our life is connected to energy centres.

There exists a good classification of musical instruments by chakras they impact. For example, drums are connected to the lower chakra—Muladhara. Wind instruments like trumpets or trombone affect the second centre—Swadhishthana. Violin and flute can stimulate the throat chakra or heart centre. The sound of instruments can be expressed on different levels of chakra environments, but it doesn’t mean that violin doesn’t affect Muladhara at all.

Our chakras resonate with sound at all levels, and all these vibrations coexist.  We have a single Spiritual Centre that resonates with any vibration. If a spiritual person plays drums, it doesn’t mean that their consciousness remains in the area of Muladhara chakra. This chakra is connected to their Spirit and has the quality of spirituality.

Sound carries vibrations of different types.

The lower the level of vibration is, the lower the level of the corresponding energy centre is. And conversely, higher vibrations are connected to higher centres. Any sound raises or lowers vibrations and provides specific qualities. Sound frequencies produce different impacts on the human consciousness, cells, atoms, organs and systems. If you listen to heavy sounds, destructive music, your consciousness will take on similar forms.

Sound is connected not only to our chakras.  The seven basic notes of music (although there are 48 of them in Indian mythology) are associated with different planets, minerals or elements.

All of this is One Knowledge. If a person gains this knowledge, they rise to a whole new level, because their consciousness changes and they head towards self-realisation.

When a person is engaged in spiritual practice, their every chakra starts vibrating at a specific frequency. Kriya Yoga cleanses different levels of consciousness in chakras and elevates them. When you listen to good music, you alter the frequency of your energy centres as well.

Master Imram

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