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How music helps


25 November 2022

Sound is the foundation of life. Almost everything that people play, sing and listen to, are the different tones of one sound.

Music for a person is life. We call it Omkar-Pranava. This is Om or Aum – the source of every sound. The whole world vibrates and every cell is music. Therefore music is the connection of the human Soul with the Soul of the Universe, because the Universe vibrates as Om, and Om expresses itself in at least seven notes, in the seven octaves of Ascension of the human being.

On a planetary level, these are the seven levels of consciousness, of astral manifestation, where what is called the complete zodiac operates. All this is one music. It is a vast concept, it’s a great deal of Knowledge.

For human beings there are at least three levels of consciousness: corporeal, astral and mental, all three being one sound expressed in different ways.

Is it possible to overcome fear through music?

The mental plane can decompose this sound into a corporeal mind, or consciousness, which is also expressed in a corporeal way, and is associated with some harmonic combination of these sounds. So the impact of the different spheres on the body, on the mind, is already a zodiac, it’s all one Sound.

You overcome fear when listening to inspirational music.

Fear is a sort of reaction of the mind to some events, i.e. it is its unconscious flow, a lack of control. All fears are generally the sum of one fear, the essence of one fear. And that is the fear of death, of disappearing. Whatever you imagine the fear to be, whatever the reason, you end up being afraid of losing your life, of losing yourself.


When I speak of the loss of life, I do not mean the loss of corporeal life. One is not afraid of losing the body, but of losing oneself, that is, what is called “original existence”. Music helps soothe that.

There are different kinds of music. But only music that is created correctly and harmoniously can produce such vibrations that can give its listeners strength and energy.

If a person has enough strength and energy, they start feeling better, they feel good about themselves. This is very important. Warriors used to use this. Historical plane music is rapturous; it is scored in C Minor or C Major at the very least. This music makes a man accomplish feats. Greek and Roman warriors listened to music in C major before battle. There is such knowledge.

Master Imram

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