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How our karma affects our children


11 March 2021

There are several types of karma. Speaking about children, there are various cycles and different levels of the Soul consciousness. When children incarnate in a family, when they come to their mother and father, they bear a portion of their parents’ karma because they were born into this family. Children also have an individual karma and bear a joint karma of their mother and father.

Sometimes, if everything is more or less balanced, it is shared equally, however, a child may bear much more burden than their parents in order to help them. This child may be a high Soul that has intentionally incarnated to help family members and, thus, has assumed the bloodline karma.

How children help their parents

As a rule, children are like a lightning rod, and when parents can’t come to an agreement, children are the first to suffer. Children often try to bring parents closer together if they experience problems. Sometimes you may notice children being torn between father and mother trying to calm the waters. But these children bear a heavy load within—they are like a lightning rod. Through their inadvertency and sincere, holy presence (all children are saint, their mind hasn’t been trained yet) they try to arrange things to the benefit of their parents. The same is true for spiritual children that have already grown up.

Parents should realise the extent of their love for their children and how they love them. If they do love their children, they should maintain a good relationship. In a day-to-day life people sometimes fail to understand each other, but their relations must be backed by love and respect. If they have a child, they should strive to maintain love and respect for the good of this child.

Children come in accordance with the law of karma. The law of karma is formulated by planetary entities, or the karmic council. Some people can’t have children due to certain circumstances. In the past, these people committed actions that led to these consequences. Some children incarnate in a family one after another. There may be ten or twelve kids in a family—it depends on the family karma. Some people have few children or don’t have children at all because they turn their full attention to deep spiritual realisations. However, Lahiri Mahasaya had five children and many disciples that he treated as his children. It depends on the choices one makes in this life.

How to prepare for having children

I think that all children are born at the level of cosmic planes. And this enormous Divine power that has physically manifested in this child, must be accepted properly. You should prepare for this, you should feel this. You should turn to the Sublime and sincerely wish and ask that the Creator send you a high Soul for realisation. That would be right.

The current situation where demonic Souls or Soul qualities are being incarnated is no good at all. Absolutely. It results from casual relationships. Such Souls incarnate. You may say that they also seek realisation, but do you seek the same? If a demonic Soul, or rather personality (because Souls are perfect, but what surrounds them may not be so good) is born into your family, while you seriously practise spirituality, it means that God has sent this Soul for you to educate it and transform its negative qualities. This is not an easy job, but a great responsibility.

Two persons must be prepared for having children. When people think, “This child has just happened, let it be,” this is an incorrect approach. It’s a wrong attitude. I am all for having more children. I am free from this, but I think that high Souls must have opportunities for realisation. They will come here in any case, but best is to let them come to those people who understand something, it will help make the society better.

Master Imram

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