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How people lose their spiritual power


15 September 2021

People who are on their journey towards Cosmic Consciousness or strive for it, gain goodness along the way and receive sufficiently powerful energy. Then they begin to feel inspired. Yet there are those who are not inspired in such a way. Therefore, they don’t aspire to spiritual fulfilment, don’t use their creative potential.

However, everyone has this potential inside them, which keeps them awake. This is the ego, which seeks external ways of realisation. The person is looking for ways to numb their ego, to weaken their energies hence starts drinking or smoking.

People waste their potential, waste their spiritual power while expressing themselves in the wrong way: in a low-frequency, low-vibrational way.

Tobacco and alcohol weaken consciousness


Suppose a person is living an ordinary life, has a powerful degree of attachment, then in order to flood that energy, he uses alcohol instead of doing things that would make him awakened, happy, active – that is, it’s easier to drink.

Unconsciously, such people very often belittle their egos. Ego requires realisation, and a person is not keen on that realisation, they are not engaged in self-development. Usually this is also due to external influences: society says it is useful, although there is no benefit, it is a lie.  People smoke and drink, and their life is being wasted at this point.

Essentially, smoking and drinking are a form of possession, just like other drugs and anything that weakens a person’s consciousness. This is the work of the astral plane, something called influence. You have no idea what happens on the astral plane to people who swear, drink, smoke and so on.

Anyone who drinks for comfort or in company, “to get in the mood”, does not realise what they are doing. They are led. Someone leads them. This person has no concepts, no knowledge; the lower astral plane takes advantage of this, and the person actually falls for it.

How a person becomes inactive

People who drink and smoke don’t want any spiritual development or wait for something to happen so that one day they can begin to be creative. They downplay their frequency response. This low-frequency, coarse, materialised life prevents one from manifesting oneself. For a small shot of alcohol slows down the frequency processes of the astral body , or field, for a few years. Plasma body suffers from this, the person becomes inactive. Then, when he gets inactive, his cells becomes even cruder.

Simply put, such a person moves downhill rather than upward. Especially if women drink, since they disrupt the functions given to them from Above in order to create new life. Even a single drink or smoke, no matter how small, is enough to damage an ovum.

Therefore, I advise against going that way. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and anything that makes the mind inactive, kills the mind, and, in fact, kills life.

Master Imram

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