How to accept hardship


12 January 2021

The concept of acceptance is not easily understandable for people because there are often events in life that are very hard to accept. We learn to accept everything. But in an ordinary state of mind human ego takes the lead. Ego doesn’t mean bad. It’s beneficial, without ego there is no development. However, uncontrolled ego and uncontrolled mind bring us suffering.

Suffering is the absence of knowledge

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The most important thing to understand is that acceptance is a state of complete trust to the Creator, of complete trust in what happens in life.  It means you understand that all daily happenings are for good. For those who have realised it, it is easier to follow the path of acceptance. People tend to realise it later on, but a situation that is unfolding seems unbearable. We think, “Where is God? Why does He let it happen?” Wars, devastation, famine, death of our loved ones, and even disqualification from receiving a Christmas bonus—whatever is painful for us seems unbearable. But we all go through it.

When everything is over, people calm down and move on. They might hold grudges in their hearts against life or people, but they still go on. Acceptance of this type happens naturally.

People who practise self-development and attempt to understand and accept this life as the manifestation of God, or the Creator, suffer just the same, but their suffering is transformed into compassion. Knowledge makes people very strong by empowering them to learn acceptance and avoid suffering.

Is everything destined in our life?

Your life is the manifestation of God. Whatever happens in your life is for good because everything is destined. But in reality our “destined” lives can unfold in a variety of ways. These are quantum uncertainties.

We live in this uncertainty but we are what always exists by itself, beyond what happens. We just follow the way. A wise man doesn’t hold on to what is leaving and doesn’t stand up against what is coming. Instead, they learn to practise presence while being aware that whatever happens is for good.

Personal experience, meditation and spiritual practice enable people to learn to accept everything. Because when you start to practise spirituality and awaken your higher qualities, you get an inner feeling that everything that is going on is absolutely correct.

On which plane do you want to wake up? In which state of consciousness do you want to be? It’s up to you to decide. If you want to suffer and don’t want to go beyond your attachments, you’ll suffer. But if you, at least theoretically, accept that everything is an illusion and strive for the awareness of it, for experiencing it, you’ll reach the level of acceptance. First instinctively and then mindfully you will start to see and understand that everything happens naturally and fairly.

Holy Spirit the Comforter, Shakti, Shiva-Shakti energy together form an enormous transcendental power that, by transformation, settles everything. Acceptance means the acceptance of the spiritual power.

Master Imram

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