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How to balance practice and social life


23 April 2021

Spiritual and material: the concept of Unity

Many people distinguish between the material and spiritual being unaware that they are one. Of course we begin to realise the concept of Unity when we practise, when our consciousness evolve and we begin to feel what we never felt before. However, we can logically understand that spirituality and materiality are basically the same.

Matter does not exist apart from spirituality. People should perceive the so called material life as spiritual practice.

We can’t separate a spiritual atom from a material atom—it’s impossible. An atom is an atom, and this is the concentration of energy. Similarly, the concentration of energy and information is manifested in the form of material life.

Life as Spiritual practice

Today, those who practise spirituality should learn to perceive their life as spiritual practice. They should also learn to intertwine this spiritual practice with their social life. Here it takes one to practise and acquire necessary skills.

If one can’t find time for spiritual practice or their attachments eat up all their time, this problem is not related to spiritual practice, but to the person’s mind. It’s our mind that gives more priority to its interests rather than to practice. One can always find time.

When we say that one should be in this world, but not of the world, we should bear in mind that what we get in life is, first, given to us for good, and second, this is exactly what we need to work with.

Spiritual practices—Kriya or other techniques—help improve our life. People practise being aware of it. When people realise that these improvements can be felt at the physical, mental and emotional levels, they can learn to love what they didn’t like before.

As I have already mentioned, the spiritual practice itself must be woven skilfully. If you have half an hour of free time, do what needs to be done. If you can’t practise all day long, or half-day, or two hours, divide your practice into fractions and practise when you have an opportunity. We always have such opportunities.

Practice: Criterion of Truth

If we perceive our life as spiritual practice, Kriya technique will help us perceive this life as a spiritual value. What is the purpose of practice? What do we want to achieve? We don’t want to immediately go to spheres. Because we need to be in the world.

Branches and systems that urge you to leave this mundane life and go to spheres don’t take into account two very important aspects: first, one needs certain skills to do it and prepare their consciousness, and second, one can’t rise up there until they resolve their karma here. One will have to reincarnate.

Therefore, if you want to attain liberation, learn to love what is here in front of you in the first place. The technique itself will help you master it to perfection.

This is our dual consciousness that distinguishes between the spiritual and the material.

For instance, when people say, “To practise spirituality one must give up their material life,” it means they just don’t want to work on themselves. It’s easier for them, or, rather, their mind, ego, and personality to say, “I want to put it aside because I’m a spiritual person.”

But when it comes to making money, because all of us need food, clothes and have other interests that require certain financial investment, this spirituality suddenly disappears. It happens because our mind doesn’t understand that there is no matter without spirit.

When one starts to practise spirituality, they need to learn to balance all these things. I know it from experience that there exists only one element, and this is the Creator who manifested as energy. This energy was shaped into forms that we can see. Can we say that these forms are not spiritual?

Can we say that there is only spiritual energy, that material life is not spiritual? The material presence itself is the Creator.

Matter doesn’t exist?

We can’t divide an atom only into pieces of information, or only into pieces of energy. Atoms are both energy and information shaped into a form, because we are made up of atoms and molecules. It’s only necessary to understand it. There are no distinctions in this respect.

Distinctions arise form our dual perception of the world. But if you follow the right path, effectively and regularly practise spirituality, understand it correctly, meditate and pray, you begin to comprehend things beyond all this.

Scientists have already proven that there is no matter. They say that this is the subtlest form of energy, transcendental power that was manifested in the material form. “Matter” is just a word. What it really is, is density.

Density is energy. This is just an example that shows that there is no matter without spirit.

Master Imram

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