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How to be happy?


6 January 2022

What is the purpose of any person’s life?  It is to be happy. What are we living for in the first place We want to achieve bliss.

For many years now, many of you have been trying to go into a state of peace, of meditation – in order to be happy. This is the most important aspect that we have in us.

The fact is that this feeling of everlasting joy, bliss and happiness is already present in us, but it is difficult to feel it in our ordinary state.

Why does a person suffer?

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Because the personality of the human being is not interested in being happy. When I say personality, I don’t mean you. The personality is interested in achieving fleeting joy for itself. Each time it creates conditions where you want a new phone, a new house, new clothes, a new car – new, new, new… And what you have just obtained pales in the mind of this person, because it has already been received, but more and more is required – there is no end to desires. They will never end if you live through the prism of ‘I am the mind’ and the principle of ‘me, mine’. Out of this arises suffering. It is the mind that overshadows your life.

Note: when you have a feeling of joy for no reason, as soon as you try to understand where it comes from, it disappears. You switch your inner feeling to the mental plane, you begin to think – the feeling of joy disappears.

This indicates that if we let the mind take over, we’ll never wake up, we’ll always be within the framework of that personality that knows virtually nothing about life. It knows exactly what it once felt, heard and saw, and amidst this there is speculation.

Vital formula for life

There is a very important formula which I offer you: master-thought, master-word, master-deed.  Master-thought – everything, that is related to a Sublime thought. Master-word, because word is a thought uttered in space, it carries vibration, your word is followed by an event. Master-deed: the deed is your actions.

If your actions and thoughts diverge from words or vice versa, your life falls apart.

From now on, if you want to take control of your life and become happy, try to be a master at the level of your thoughts and words, because every word changes space, it is energy.  As you perform actions, act as if you were a Master of thought and word. The word is not only an utterance from the mouth, it is Knowledge, the Divine word, ancient scriptures.

You analyse, make sense of your actions – karma changes. It becomes cleaner, more just to the personality. Because a person always wants to be free, only on the level which he/she perceives it. But you came here to achieve liberation – that is the only goal. However, this liberation is possible when you realize your life in action and reconnect your highest intelligence with your Heart. When I speak of the Heart, I mean the Divine essence within you, the Highest Level, or Atman.

This is a formula I have used in my time. It works well if you watch your thoughts, what you say and what you do.

The scientific method exists of immersing your consciousness into the Super Being, into the Higher Consciousness, or what you call God. That scientific method is called Kriya. It is flawless in terms of Knowledge, but the result depends on how regularly you, by changing your mind, by practising, immerse your mind into the Infinite – it all depends on your persistence.

Master Imram

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