How to become successful


16 June 2022

The Warrior of Light never regrets what happened, he moves on. He just marches on and that’s it. It is important to understand that everything you could have done at this point, you have already done. You have applied all the knowledge that you have now. If you succeed – good, if you don’t – that’s also good. That’s why Sai Baba says, “Prepare for life—study, evolve.”

What hinders and what is necessary to attain success?

What is the reason we are doing all of this? To make our lives more successful. People ask me: “How to make money, so you can be successful in life?”. To achieve success, one needs energy. If there is no energy – there is nothing. When there is no energy, no one will come to this person. All doors close right in front of one’s nose, even the elevator door will close in front of him, because he has no energy.

When a person practices and studies, he has enough energy to overcome intricacies and difficulties that arise on his way. When there is energy, options for solutions always come around. Or alternatively a person gets through karma with dignity and moves on forward – it’s a matter of time. But when a person has no energy, he can’t even earn money, because the options for income are not attracted. Over the centuries it has been proven…

Master Imram

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