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How to change your thinking?


13 May 2021

If we think about what we need in this life – that is knowledge. Knowledge that helps a person understand how to do something right in his life. People have addictions, a huge number of people are really dependent on some events, circumstances, smoking, alcohol and other drugs.

In fact, these people do not exercise their willpower.  If a person wants to quit smoking, but at the same time continues to smoke – that means he does not want to exercise his willpower and stop doing what harms him.

How do addictions arise?

Any person, no matter what state he is in, has consciousness and understanding. If he has a deep understanding, then he gets motivated not to do it. Everything depends on the goal. If a person doesn’t have a goal, he can do whatever he wants. To be more precise, it’s not even the actual person who does this, but hungry elementals from the lower astral plane who stick to his astral field and continue smoking and drinking on his behalf.

People are not aware of this. These elementals that create conditions under which a person is forced to smoke, drink, eat excessively, swear, and do everything that is connected with the lack of morality and ethics. Moreover, it is promoted in society as permissible.

You probably noticed that things that until recently were considered despicable and shameful are now considered the norm. This is a big misconception, people don’t understand what they are doing. Once again, someone else is benefiting from this.

As an example: if a person wants to quit smoking, then, at the moment when he reaches for another cigarette, he must remember that he always has the will to say “no” to himself. This is how things should be if the person understands what is happening. If he does not understand what is happening, then he will get into a situation in which he will definitely have to learn to comprehend what is going on.

How to elevate the quality of your taste?

In these so-called “products” there is a huge amount of trace elements that create an addiction on the blood level, at the brain level. They affect our blood, brain and cells. The person starts to have desires, that become dependences. In addition, there are also astral dependences.

When a person becomes dependent on smoking, he enjoys it. This suggests that his quality of taste is very low, and he does not know about elevated taste qualities. He needs to change the quality of his taste. Such a person has to rise above it, to experience a higher taste.

Spiritual practice helps to experience a more elevated taste. When one practises, one develops willpower, understanding. Knowledge awakens and he gains the power that he can manifest. Will is manifested power, and power is manifested will. Such a person can very quickly get rid of his vices that people have been trying root out for years.

Karma and ignorance

What happens when a person smokes and other people sit nearby?  With second-hand smoking, one should know that the surrounding people begin to inhale the entire astral essence of the smoker. That is, the negative prana that the smoker exhales enters you and you get the effect as if you have actually smoked with that person. You intoxicate not only your lungs and blood, but also your mental and astral bodies.

So children who leave in families with smokers are forced to receive all this negativity just because their dad smokes. At the same time, he or she does not even understand why they do this, who smokes through them, what happens to his or her children. It turns out they don’t care about the lives of their loved ones. It is the ignorant who allow themselves what is inadmissible.

From the standpoint of their karma, heavy drinkers and smokers experience difficult circumstance and stay for a very long time on lower astral planes. Long time drinkers, who don’t even want to break this habit or think that drinking is appropriate, commit a huge sin. This represents the rejection of Sublime, of Higher Self, of God, it signifies the sell of one’s Soul.

Perhaps I am saying very lofty or very terrible things, but that is how it is. Such people fall into lower astral planes, get stuck and end up in very deep distress, experiencing rough and low-frequency vibrations. It’s very difficult to get them out of there. This Soul won’t be able to raise until the Mother of compassion descends, or one of the high Masters, who is very compassionate, will be able to pull this Soul out of the swamp. Therefore, I strongly discourage people from doing such things.

Master Imram

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