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How to control prana


9 November 2021

We can learn to control prana. For this, we need to gain understanding, practise yoga on a regular basis, meditate, concentrate, and even attain Samadhi. This all happens when you mold your consciousness through spiritual practice —sadhana. We are talking about Kriya Yoga in this case.

Why control prana

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When one can control prana, one can learn to control one’s life, because prana lies at the basis of life.

Prana sustains all vital functions of the body. When you awaken your consciousness and control your corporeal processes through it, you will be able to gain control over the five interacting energies that make up your body, that is pranic power.

To say the least, it will help you attain peace, quiet, and joy, shake off illnesses and gain creative power. Forces and superpowers will awaken in you.

You can experience the entire Universe through the knowledge of prana, of the atom. The atom is closer to us, it is the total of these energies, the concentration of this power. If you know yourself and your consciousness reaches the level of atomic perception, you will experience the whole Universe.

Our cells are stronger than any virus

Our body consists of organs and systems. They are what you can perceive at the basic level. However, not all people can sense their body parts, like kidneys or stomach, the latter, at least, unless they overeat. To sense them, a person needs to develop their mind, which must be chained to this body, and the penetrating power of this consciousness must truly feel the bodily temple. This is the first level.

Working in this way, you develop the brain, activate neurons, improve the perceiving and transmitting powers of the brain and its individual qualities. Your brain as a whole begins to work very intensively. You start to feel yourself interacting with your cells and then with the molecules, you start to feel the enormous power of your cells and use it.

Any cell is a thousand times stronger than any virus.

Why don’t we draw on this power? Because we have no connections.

That’s why every time you energise your body, you recreate neurons, develop new neural connections and thus become able to immerse your consciousness deep within yourself. When you are able to feel the true nature of the cell and molecule, you will attain more subtle gaseous states of perception of these molecules and cells. Behind this is the atom. You begin to interact with the atom through your consciousness, you begin to see and understand its nature from within. Behind this atom, there is a pure interaction with energy.

Such work allows you to do extraordinary things —the kind of things that don’t happen in everyday life.

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There is a theory known as the Vessel of Transcendental Power. I talk about it in detail at the Seminar. I show you a diagram of how these energies interact, how you develop, how you grow wiser. This wisdom arises from within you. Because when you practise, you create conditions under which this powerful magnetism, attracting all energies, allows you to accelerate the process of your evolution.

This is how Kriya yoga works.

Master Imram

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