How to develop superpowers


15 June 2022

The subject of superpowers is quite a popular one because our ego is built around the desire to prove our excellence, our superiority to the world. In essence, it is a very good anchor that helps us persevere in our spiritual practice. There is nothing bad about the human desire to become a “superman”.

There are many films about it, such as “The Batman”, “Spider-Man”, “Harry Potter”, and others.  Many kids dream of a magic wand, just like the one Harry Potter had. However, it is very seldom mentioned that it is our consciousness that is engaged in making miracles happen, not a magic wand. The wand is simply a pointer, a tool that shows us where to look; it does not determine a person’s fate. It is the Soul, the Spirit, the Conscience that does that. And, all of it is magic…

How we can use superpowers


If you wish to awaken your superpowers and use them in your life, or you wish to materialize something, make certain events come true (those are functions of superpowers), you should know: there is nothing wrong with that. There is one “but” here: you need to know the laws of Karma.

Here is an example: some people have the ability to make a lot of money. Some are born with this ability, while others just do not have it. There are schools that teach how to make a lot of money. However, what people do not understand is that money is energy, so before using this or that technique to attract money, they should consider if one really does need the money, what the reason why he/she does not have money is, and what he/she is doing wrong.

By using special methods, we disturb the rhythm, something that is determined by Karma. It is an attempt to get around Karma, and it creates a state of disharmony. Sometimes a person has the ability to make a lot of money, they prosper, but their greed prevents them from using this ability in the right way, to distribute it correctly, with the knowledge that they have been entrusted with this money resource.

For some reason, people think that having a superpower means being able to fly over the mountains without wings, or instantly cover long distances, while they do not believe in simple abilities which are very important in our lives – such as having the power to share with others.

If superpowers must be manifested, let it be to create harmony and change space for the better.
Sri Yukteswar Giri and his disciple Paramahansa Yogananda

Mystic powers

As for the superpowers that yogis possess, we have to say they do not usually reveal them.  Developing these powers requires learning how to focus your energy on a certain point, on an idea, and the energy that is directed at the idea allows it to be realized.

It begins with a thought-form, which we receive from Above as an idea, as a very high energy of the causal plane – it is Sankalp Shakti.  This energy, as directed will, may be crystallized into a physically expressed form through the power of concentration.

To achieve this, we need to expand neural connections, develop the brain and learn to properly direct this force, focus the consciousness in such a way that the power of the desire on the psycho-emotional plane of the astral world would rapidly crystallize in the etheric-physical plane. In the same manner it is possible to dematerialise this idea.

The best aspect of superpowers is the ability to change people’s lives the way a Master does it.  There are those who possess the powers of magic, who can create objects out of space, out of air. However, this is not that hard to do; try changing someone’s life, their destiny – that’s a difficult task. When a Master has this ability, he has reached the highest level, and everything else does not matter any more.

Master Imram

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