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How to distinguish between mind games and enlightenment


19 February 2021

No one knows what “enlightenment” is until they have experienced it. Talking about enlightenment is fine, but being enlightened and talking about it are different things. Just like talking about love and actually experiencing it are different things.

The majority of people aim for enlightenment, because someone said that’s the ultimate goal. But our consciousness is so far-reaching that limiting ourselves to a concept like “enlightenment” is the same as trying to limit God. God is not an enlightened one. God is the Creator — the infinite something that we call God. This something is always improving itself, not because it needs improving, but because it always undergoes transformation within itself. And therefore the Creator is continually new.

Criteria for enlightenment

How can we tell who is enlightened and who is not? My inner experience tells me that a person who resonates with his Higher Self, who is actually very close to his Higher Self, is already on the path to Enlightenment. If a person has achieved unity with his Higher Self, he can be considered enlightened.

What is the meaning of “enlightenment”? Nobody knows what enlightenment is. Is enlightenment when there is lots of light? When the mind is clear? What does that mean? Is it when you understand something that everyone else does not? Then you can call yourself a scientist who knows more than everyone else.

When enlightened people are asked, “What is Enlightenment?” they say, “I am just going on with the same stuff as before.” It’s all just mind games. We should strive for unconditional love and common human values. This is what Sathya Sai Baba says.

Enlightenment: mind games

There are many trends and systems that teach people how to do nothing. The great labour of the devotees, the great ascesis of the siddhas, the serious and severe practice of renunciation are contrasted with the practice of “doing nothing”.

The suggestion is to just sit on the sofa and think: “Everything is divine and you may as well do nothing”. Such people are rummaging inside their heads and looking for a beginning — where the thought comes from. When they find this void, they consider themselves enlightened. There are many trends where people sit in halls and ponder: “Where does thought come from? Thinking about it is a mind game with that very mind.

I know that there is pranayama, which is the ‘queen of yoga’, and through pranayama — real, correct pranayama — people cut off attachments to the five senses – that’s where thought is absent, where the mind disappears. But sitting and thinking “I am a practitioner” is also a thought, you have to get away from it gradually too.

To sit in a hall or on a sofa and say, “Everything is Advaita,” is just wasting time, because Advaita ends when one runs out of money and wants to eat.

If everything is God, why do we worry? Advaita ends when pain in the body occurs. But if everything is God, then what is there to worry about? It’s all games, and people are just wasting their time on it. I talk to people and see what happens to them. They stay focused until the first obstacle, and then the problems begin.

You ask them the question, “So where is your advaita? Why can’t you enter the void at this moment?” The answer is simple – because there’s not enough practice. There has to be: practice, self-awareness and aspiration in this practice. This is the only salvation in this life.

We are excited to talk about some cosmic things, but we need to learn how to walk on the ground, and most people don’t know how to do that, but they have their head immediately set on the cosmos. People are already enlightened in their minds, but when they come down to practical things, their bodies won’t obey. The result of true Enlightenment is an altered state of consciousness – both in body and in life.

If one does not have siddhis, there is no point in saying that one has achieved anything. The other thing is that you shouldn’t show them off, but when you need them, they turn on. The Master himself turns on what is needed, when it is needed, and does not demonstrate it unnecessarily.

But if one has not attained a state of superconsciousness manifested as superior powers, then one does not have that state. An indication is stopping breathing, stopping the heart, at least the right look. If you are told that a person is in a state of Samadhi, then have him stop breathing for a long time, then you can say that he is in Samadhi.

Master Imram

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