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How to improve your eyesight


14 January 2022

Yoga has accumulated all the medical knowledge that contemporary scientists and psychologists deal with. Take psychosomatics, for example. You can read more about it in the books by Louise Hay or many other esotery scientists that are connected with mainstream science. However, I think that on a large scale mainstream science forms part of yoga.

But from the perspective of Kriya yoga, I think that the causes of eye problems lie higher—in the conflict between the Soul and personality. To improve your vision, it’s not enough to learn to love this world.

When transformation begins

Diseases are often linked to karmic programmes, but it doesn’t mean they are incurable. To recover the functions of a certain body part, organ, or system, to enable one to live a full life, it’s not enough for them to receive medical treatment. It won’t work. The person needs to learn to fully accept themselves the way they really are. The moment you accept yourself is the starting point for a serious transformation.

When you have accepted yourself, you have set yourself up for a spiritual awakening.

If you lie to yourself and don’t accept yourself the way you are, if you dream to have another you and think you have already become it—you deceive yourself and don’t let the energy flow. But at the moment of accepting yourself, you have already won. Then you will be given energy to restore your vision or hearing because your body needs it to implement the programme for which you have come into this world. It’s important.

Possible factors contributing to the disease

There are also other causes for the disease symptoms. For example, sometimes when people need to develop the sense of hearing, their vision is restricted. Don’t interpret it too literally: if a person clings to something too much, it will be blocked so that they might develop other qualities. If my left hand is more sensitive than the right one, something might happen to my left hand so that I make a greater use of the right one. This is called balancing.

If the left hemisphere is too active, it causes mental problems. At least, a person gets very tired and starts to have headaches or migraine attacks because they need to stimulate the right hemisphere, too. Do you understand how it works?

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something on the physical plane. It is very important to engage your mind in managing your body systems. Move down when you start high and move up when you start low. Everything needs to be joined together.

How Kriya Babaji helps

Do you know what Babaji’s practice, or teaching, is in terms of the power?

This is a spiritual power that creates a forceful magnetism. It’s an electric, magnetic power that exists on the astral, mental, etheric and physical planes. To put it another way, this is something that runs through us at all levels here and now. What does that mean?

If something is wrong with the physical body, it means that something is wrong with the astral and mental bodies, too. But not with the Spirit. There are no breakdowns in the Spiritual plane – it’s universal.

Therefore, in practice, inviting the Spiritual, you build things up very fast. From this perspective Kriya is a universal science. It heals the body very quickly unless the person has strong karmic programmes.

Master Imram

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