How to keep a relationship alive


29 March 2022

If a man has assumed responsibility for a woman, he must bear it throughout his lifetime. He assumed this responsibility before God, before his Higher Self. A woman should also prepare herself for marriage, for family life.

If you take care of someone, care for them in a manner such that they can be independent—this way you can break up in the relationship doesn’t work out.

Why people divorce

What is going on in the world? Two persons put it this way, “Let’s move in with each other to see if we belong together and where it goes.” Is it a healthy attitude? Of course not. That’s why many couples divorce.

When two persons decide to marry, it would be much better if the man bore responsibility for the woman for the rest of his life and the woman took responsibility to be with her husband. And, first of all, both of them assume responsibility before God.

You’ve made an agreement beyond, up high. But you did not consent to leave it unfinished. You have agreed to take on a certain role to find a way to do all you did not have time to do in your past lives, gain experience and reach the level of compassion. This is what spouses must strive for from the very start.

The other person Is your mirror

Unconditional love pays no attention to what your loved one thinks about you. You are important to your partner as someone who transmits certain knowledge and gives opportunities for spiritual realisation. You must treat the person next to you with deep respect no matter their attitude toward you. It doesn’t mean though that you must always indulge their every whim.

Unconditional love and caring for your loved ones is the very definition of spirituality.

If somebody doesn’t love you, and you think that you do love that person, just know that you are looking into a mirror—you have the quality that the person is translating to you. Masters demonstrate it perfectly.

We all mirror one another. The whole world is a mirror.

We are what we think. We translate what we’ve got. What we translate is what we’ll get. If you change the way you look at the world and treat yourself, the world and people around will also change for you. The problem is that people don’t know how to start loving themselves. I am not speaking about being selfish, but rather about loving yourself the way you are.

When you learn to love yourself, you will be able to give love to someone else.

Do everything you can for the other person

There are 108 different responsibilities in The Vedas that a man and a woman must fulfill.  You won’t find the word “divorce” in the Vedic texts. But we live in an era where couples divorce every now and then because our attitudes toward each other have changed.

Truth and righteousness have become less significant than before.

Here is my advice: before you make up your mind and walk away, do everything you can for the person you want to leave to feel truly satisfied with what you’ve done for him or her.  As soon as you have a good relationship with your partner, you can break up because you have nothing left to quarrel about. But if you have nothing to quarrel about, what’s the point of divorce? Even more so if you have kids.

Master Imram

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