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How to overcome depression


23 July 2021

Depression is dissatisfaction with life.

Depression is dissatisfaction with life. This is the nature of the human mind: it is never satisfied, it is constantly seeking something new and tarnishing what it already has. A person, or, rather, their ego falls into depression if it doesn’t get what it wants for a long time. Lack of spiritual power causes depression, because when the mind wishes this, that and millions of other things, it gets lost in it.

Over and over, it begins to create waves with the intention of achieving what it wants, and with these waves, it expels a tremendous amount of energy, and thus the person loses vitality. When a person loses vitality, they become dissatisfied with life. They may have a long life before them but they already feel as if they were balancing on the verge of life and death.

In this state they don’t get what they want because they lack vital force, they lack spiritual power. It requires a sufficient amount of free energy, a spiritual strength to be able to realise yourself creatively. When you elevate your taste, you will start enjoying this life. Even if you don’t have much, you will feel self-sufficient. Your mind, or ego, requires changes. You should transform it and work with it.

What causes depression

How to stop being lazy and depressed? Depression is brought on by a lack of sufficient energy. People who lack energy experience depression. They look for outside reasons. They say, “This is because I didn’t get this and that, I wanted this, I wasn’t accepted to this University, love of my life ditched me…” There can be millions of reasons.

But in fact, there is only one reason—this person is not self-sufficient, they don’t know themselves. People who know themselves and are self-aware, will never feel depressed because they are always in the state of Unity. It is very important to reach at least a minimal, basic level of Unity. To do this, one needs to commit to self-development.

Will a person, who has an interest in life, who has an ultimate goal to pursue, be depressed?

Such people are always in the state of aspiration seeking to reach their goal. They are interested in life, they are curious, they develop, do some kind of sport or anything else that is interesting for them. Such people won’t feel depressed. But those who can’t stop being lazy will slip into depression. When one is being lazy, their energies flow away and they don’t understand what they live for.

Don’t forget that a person can be influenced on very subtle levels and even experience impact from the infernal world. People are given hints on “how to” do things right, but in reality they are just deprived of their potential. There are special mechanisms that are used to withdraw one’s potential. It all suggests that a person lacks vital force.

When this force runs out, depression turns into a prolonged state of absence, which people call death.  Suicidality and similar conditions are caused by the pressure of the infernal world that often calls the person on their selfishness. The infernal world forces them to believe that their wishes will never come true. Then it imposes suicidal and depressive thoughts, and the person falls under its influence.

Willpower to beat depression

Of course, it’s linked to astrological aspects and predispositions. But all people have a willpower. Everyone always has the power to say no and to step onto another path, spread their wings, rise to their feet and go in the right direction.

It’s just that sometimes people follow the path of cowardice instead of the path of the will- and spirit-power. They think they have no power, but they always have it. This is why we need to understand who we are and what is within us. Even if it is concealed, we should know, even hypothetically, that it exists and can be awaken and developed. And we will never slip into depression.

Another cause for depression is toxins that can be accumulated in the human body in the amount that is sufficient to poison the brain. People become apathetic and don’t want to do anything because their brain is intoxicated. Now there are thousands of ways to poison one’s brain. Apart from food, it is impacted by information.

Those who engage in the spiritual practice, that I always advocate, or those who practise any other branch of spiritual development, are capable of withstanding it. The universal science, or Yoga of the High Path, like Kriya, embraces all the levels of consciousness.

As I often say, self-awareness can be depicted by 108 rudrakshas or beads that represent 108 qualities of our mind, intelligence or Soul—depending on the level an individual is at. All qualities of the consciousness are strung on the thread of this awareness.

Master Imram

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