How to raise a child


5 October 2021

Every child carries in them certain qualities – they are born with them. If parents learn to respect these qualities, then the child will definitely begin to respect his parents. If parents understand their child, immerse themselves in the child’s interests, create conditions for their realization, then the child will be interested through having such parents.

Authority should never be imposed

What does authority mean? It means “I’m better than you”, “you must listen to me”, “you have to do as I say”. Where is love, respect, cooperation, creativity, where is acceptance in all this? They’re not here.

You must not impose authority, especially upon children, as they don’t get it. Parents want to come off as someone important, but if the child does not recognize this importance, then there is no energy of the Spirit in these parents.

When there is the energy of the Spirit, the child has no problem respecting such parents. So in order for the energy of the Spirit to be present in parents, that is, the will manifested, parents must have this will. This means they have to work on themselves, they must develop spiritual strength.

You should avoid giving gadgets to a young child

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We often see how a child starts to distract parents and they give him or her a smartphone with some game in it, in an effort to stop them interfering. This is programmed into the child’s mind, he or she develops an interest in the game, and the next time they will already start to demand it.

Another example: a child refuses to eat and the parents put on some cartoons – and we’re talking the really bad kind – for him or her. The subconscious absorbs all the negativity from it directly into itself. The mother thinks that she is doing good for the child, because at this moment the child quits refusing the food, but in reality this food turns into poison because of the negativity of aggressive cartoons.

Beyond that, the radiation that the child gets from gadgets ages him, drains his brain and wears out the neurons.

There are two options: to entice the child or to devote time to them.

Let the child do what will forge a new interest in him. If a child is glued to a screen all the time, what will he turn into? It is well known that Steve Jobs did not allow his children to play around with gadgets for more than 20-30 minutes a day. He himself spent the same amount of time with them. Because if a person receives ready-made predigested information from the Internet, his mind does not develop. That is, such a person degrades.

The child must get a spiritual foundation

Quite often parents say that children should get experience of their own and allow them to live life the way they feel. The mistake lies in the fact that a father leaves his child unsupervised, so the child receives information, experience and knowledge not from his or her parents, but from the street. Hence children receive false independence, while being not ready for it. They acquire not very spiritual or very non-spiritual qualities. People in general stray further from the truth now.

A child should receive a spiritual, ethical and moral foundation, which has to be built up by the father and mother. Thus he can step into society and will be able to tell right from wrong and to understand what can be done and what should be avoided. If a child misses the spiritual core, then he will decay under the influence of society.

Such concepts as unconditional love, peace, tranquility and non-violence should become our basis, the nature of human behavior. In the meantime, we have to develop these qualities.

Spiritual practice swiftly transforms a person and leads him to the path of self-improvement, where ethical and moral aspects are the guidelines – in yoga they are called the yama and niyama.

In Kriya, by using the method of Holy Science and universal Knowledge, we awaken the qualities that are pledged from Above. When people practice Kriya, they become who the Creator wants them to be, and for this they do not need to make any effort, except to practice.

Master Imram

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