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How to regain your strength


12 September 2022

We should take control over our thoughts, breath and diet. Poor sleep deprives us of prana, which is our life force. During sleep our energy body, or prana, that floats around our physical body separates from it to a distance of 40–50 cm. That is to say, we are losing energy at this time.

When we are awake, when we practice, perform techniques, focus on the Vessel of Transcendental Power, on the spine, we preserve this energy within. The energy doesn’t dissipate, and we do not lose our strength. But if a person lives unconsciously, if he thinks as he wants or without any awareness, if he moves in an incomprehensible direction and it is not clear what is happening in his consciousness, then, naturally, the energy dissipates, tension arises and breathing quickens.

The importance of proper breathing

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There are special techniques that help replenish ojas—the life force that was given to us from Above. First of all, one needs to understand what it is and how it works.

When we inhale, an imaginary balloon inflates, figuratively speaking, the shell of the balloon is oxygen, but all the internal filling of this balloon is prana.  An ordinary person thinks that he inhales oxygen, in reality this is not so, because in addition to oxygen there are a lot of other elements that we inhale, including harmful ones. And everything we breathe in represents our food, often of poor quality.

Another important point is the number of breaths. In a minute, an ordinary person takes twenty breaths and more. We need to learn to breathe less than that. Each inhalation and exhalation is equivalent to one less breath, or shortening of our life, because ojas, or the life force given to us from Above, is limited in nature.

With the help of special techniques, you can naturally go to the level of ten to twelve breaths, and then reduce this number to a few breaths per minute. This will not make you uncomfortable, because it is your nature.

You can reach this level within one and a half to three years, depending on how intensively you practice.

How to transform your physical body

If we are talking about the transformation of the physical body, we must begin with the mental plane.  The mental plane is given to us as a tool where we can connect the Spiritual with the physical. If the mental plane is corrupted, it is difficult to change anything. Therefore, you need to cleanse your mind. The mind is cleansed through proper nutrition, proper breathing, proper thinking, lifestyle and quality sleep. We need to go to bed early and get up early, eat right, keeping the blood pH at 7.35-7.45. If the blood acidity is high, it is difficult to talk about a bodily alchemy, because high blood acidity equates disease. Acidic blood causes cancer-related diseases.

Do you know that within seven years all cells are renewed? So, if you follow the rule “proper thinking, proper nutrition, proper breathing” for seven years, you can transform your body. Even if you do not look young, as you would like, right from the very beginning. To achieve this, one needs to learn how to concentrate and to control the correct attitude towards oneself, towards life, complete acceptance, and this happens as part of spiritual practice.

If a person doesn’t have a connection with God, he cannot live. I am not talking about the God that you know or have heard about, I am talking about the true nature from which our body emerged, as our body being a complete energy structure. This energy has a more subtle nature, up to the most subtle, which people call God. That supreme Transcendental Power, or the power of the Spirit, having condensed, became a physical body. Our body is directly related to it.

Master Imram

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