How to start a family?


15 June 2021

In order to start a family, you need to have knowledge. This knowledge should be put into practice. People who do not have a family and really want one – these are lonely people who experience feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness. It is very important to understand why a person wants to have a family. To fill their emptiness and make people around them just as unhappy? Or perhaps they want to be a spiritual leader in the family, and make these people happy? That is the difference.

Family as a spiritual union

If a person has sufficient knowledge, if they are ready to have a spouse, then they will be allies, team-mates.It’s important that their relationship be rather a union than a marriage. A spiritual union. It’s important for these people to have a common goal. When you set a lofty goal, you will find those in pursuit of such a goal. When one is ready, a Master will come to them. When the student is ready, the Master arrives. When the Master chooses, the student becomes ready. For many men their wife is the Master! Not every husband can endure his wife.

As a spouse, a woman can raise a man up very high spiritually and make him ultimately perfect because she is Shakti who gives him Energy. However, she lacks awareness. Without her husband, she cannot rise to the height that she would be able to help him reach. She lacks her husband’s awareness.

The man embodies awareness, he is the Creator. The woman is the keeper of this knowledge. And together, they are a very powerful tandem.

Family as responsibility

If a person wants to have a family, they must be ready to bear responsibility for it.  For this, they need energy. They must prepare themselves for it very thoroughly. When the space sees that the person has gained enough understanding, it will bring them a very good partner.

Yes, there are families that just happen. There are children that just happen. And there are families that break up due to circumstances. They are nothing but a relic of past karmic relations that remain unfinished. And in this lifetime, they would rather not marry, but simply complete their past unfinished relations. They could be friends or neighbors. But they meet each other in this life, feel some sort of connection from the past and think they should marry.

Yes, this is love, and people get confused.  That is what the mind does. It replaces true feelings. And when people have given each other everything they had to give, which happens at the ego level, at the personality level, they have to break up, unfortunately. Here it’s very important for them to create conditions that facilitate their further friendly relationship, further assistance, because this is karma. Otherwise, they will have to meet again in the next life and finish whatever they have left unfinished.

For the Universe, it doesn’t matter if you are married or not. What counts is your feelings and relations. Were you able to finish what you had started? Have you brought your relationship to a higher level? Have you set the conditions for taking the next step together? This is evolution. Such people are prepared to start a family.

Why one can’t find a life partner

If one is having a hard time and can’t find a life partner, this means that they are guided by their mind, and not the heart. They choose whoever is better, the option that suits them best. This is avarice. But are they ready to take someone who is not suitable for them just because they love them? The mind tells them not to do it, that this is not the right partner. They won’t practise, they will do something else, and in the long run you will come to confrontation.

Sometimes our mind, unaware of anything, looks ahead and spoils what we have in the here and now. You must be ready for this. Then the Universe will give you what you deserve. Having reached a certain level, you will get what matches your level by attracting it. From that moment on, you can move forward together.

Master Imram

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