How to truly love


30 June 2021

When it comes to love between two people, I see it as a divine feeling. We are not talking about chemistry now, but rather the experiences beyond the usual psychophysical aspect or body reaction, as the chemistry in the body changes too. Reactions express themselves on the physical plane, but they originate on the astral plane.

Therefore, it is possible to experience love in a state of unity between two people, in the direction of one goal. By and large, heavy burning fire can be reduced to a normal flame, to a minimum, but embers are fire, too: it is a form of fire, only to a lesser extent.

These embers are an expression of respect and devotion between two Souls.

Love as a creative aspect of life

If we talk about the meaning of love among ordinary people, however, it is a relationship expressed as respect, appreciation. It’s a constant attraction to each other, an affection.

Affection eliminates the notion of love, although people are used to thinking “I love this person or this person loves me, and they should… or I should…”

Nowadays, many people have come to the point where no one owes anyone anything; but then this process belittles such a supreme feeling as love. If no one owes anyone anything, there is irresponsibility, and that irresponsibility kills love and gives rise to mind games.

Love is the constant care and enabling of a person to walk the path of self-discovery. Love is a manifestation of attention. If one person loves another, they think about that person all the time, they are drawn to that person. However, it is the personality that so decides they are drawn to that person. For there is an object, a desire to see someone, to be near someone.

There is spiritual love, for the Master, for God in the first place. Then there is ordinary human love, love for a man, love for a woman. It is a constant feeling of missing someone. But that’s not enough. Love should inspire, establish a creative aspect in life.

How to distinguish love from affection

Love is about focusing on the object of love. Suppose one thinks he or she is in love. Then one must ask themselves the question: is it really love, or is it affection, a desire to fulfil a wish for the sake of the wish itself?

In essence, one does not love anyone, but wants to fulfil some wishes. If one truly loves, they experience feelings of love, relaxation and inner joy.

Love is compassion with an element of pity, or regret with an element of compassion. This is also a form of love. It’s a very capacious, voluminous and incomprehensible word. We say, “love, love, you have to love”, but try to teach love to someone who has never experienced it.

If a child is born and is not brought up properly, not given a sense of love, of kindness, how will they love? How do you make that love awaken in them? This requires a very powerful transformation. As I understand it, love is not just a word, but the experience of radiating kindness and caring.

Karmic aspect of love

Human love on earth is that feeling of kinship that comes from past lives. A person has feelings for someone in this life, without even realising that it is just a past experience.

Later, when people live together, this intensity diminishes and love seems to disappear. They say, “Everything was fine for a year or two, or three, or five and then it all disappeared. I fell in love with someone else.” These are the past connections that arise due to karmic characteristics and the certainty of the path.

How to learn to love unconditionally

People should strive for a common perception of this feeling. That is, we can learn to give this energy to everyone, absolutely everyone. I say “energy” to make it clear that it is radiation. Free of any separation, in a state of unity and non-duality. It is a constant radiation within the objective state when you simply love and see the Creator in it. This is the higher aspect of love, being unconditional.

To achieve this, one has to learn to love oneself, to discover who one really is, to go beyond mere affection. We have to learn to rise above it all, because it is impossible to simply explain what love is in words.

How to learn to love? We should transform our consciousness, experience a constant sense of joy, go beyond egoistic states, reach a level of peace where the feeling arises, and it will flow constantly.

At some point the bright flash lingers for a long time, then goes out again, but you never lose that aspect, it remains as quiet inner joy. Then you simply love without wanting to be loved back.

This is the state of the Masters, when they just radiate love. They don’t care who comes to them, they don’t evaluate the person. A non-judgemental vision or outlook on life, lack of judgement is true love, when there is no judgement, when we don’t compare.

Master Imram

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