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Human chakras


7 March 2021

The chakras are the seven sages.

The human body is a representation of the entire Universe. It is a microcosm. We have special centres in us, and these centres are the representation of all the levels of consciousness. The Soul rises through these levels.

The spinal centres (located in the back, along the length of the spine) are on the Astral plane. What are these centres like? They are the greatest Creators, carrying great Knowledge, great transcendental power, which expresses itself on different levels of consciousness, on different planes. Through the six sensitive spinal centres, we, by practising, elevate our consciousness to Heaven.

How the chakras work

Everyone knows what Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudha, Ajna (sometimes called Agya, but this is incorrect, in Sanskrit it is pronounced “Ajna”) and Sahasrara are. They are, in fact, centres of transformation.

How does this system work? In Yoga of the High Path, in the practice of Kriya, we activate the mechanism consciously. Breathing is connected to the mental plane. When we perform Kriya techniques we focus our consciousness on our spinal centres. This allows you to receive knowledge that is given from Above. This is also mentioned in ancient scriptures. If we practice consciously, concentrating our mind on these sensitive centres, then, little by little, releasing energy in the form of information and receiving this knowledge, we can reach the realisation we are dreaming of.

Imram Kriya Sochi Retreat

Chakras and the Divine Cave

“Chakra” is translated as “wheel”. Chakras are special rotating centres, clusters of energy on the astral plane. We integrate all the chakras in Kriya practice. The distance between the centres is duality. People who practise Kriya are heading towards Advaita, towards non-duality.

By performing special Kriya practices, we unite all the centres into one powerful energetic potential, i.e. the Divine Cave. The dynamo aspect is unleashed and one, by awakening strength, lifts Shakti. Shakti, passing through the centers, unlocks all the knots that limit its lifting. The lid of the skull is the embodiment of the so-called ‘seventh heaven’ where everyone aspires. It is a place where the throne of Babaji is, – a place where Mahavatar Babajie, or Sai Baba reside, as images. This is Christ consciousness. Our consciousness must ascend to that Heaven. The middle of the head, the ajna chakra, is the gateway through which you can communicate with the Spirit, with transcendental power. This way, the microcosm dissolves into the macro Universe, where you gain wholeness.

Achieving Cosmic Consciousness begins the moment you transform your consciousness by raising or ascending it upwards. This process takes place within us, but if you think of it as a scheme, the movement goes from the bottom to the top. We invite the energy of transcendental power from above downwards, but we direct the consciousness from below upwards. We go from inside to outside and from outside to inside.

Master Imram

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