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Incurable diseases


28 October 2021

Sathya Sai Baba

The concept of disease does not exist—there are changes that occur in the body. All these changes people call diseases. There are no diseases that cannot be cured—but there are people who don’t want to be cured. For example, Avicenna treated people from serious illnesses with occupational therapy. He created conditions for them to work hard, which enabled toxins and wastes to be removed from the body and people’s consciousness to change.

Acceptance is curative

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Diseases arise for the reason that a person gives more time, effort and energy to matter, rather than Spiritual essence. Disease is an opportunity for a person to understand that something is wrong in their lifestyle and reflect on it.

There are no diseases that cannot be cured, but we may be short of time. But an aware person can completely recover from any illness even when facing death within a few minutes.

There is a known case when a woman, whose malignant tumour passed to the forth stage, came to see Satya Sai Baba and said, “I don’t ask You to cure me, the only thing I am asking You about is to accept me. I understand that what is inside of my body has resulted from my wrong actions, from my wrong attitude, but I accept all this and ask You to accept me.”  In response, He approached her, waved His hand and said, “Cancel.” Shortly after that, the woman completely recovered from her disease.

Thanks only to her acceptance. Thanks to pure acceptance, I could recover and escape death. Back in 1992, I didn’t die only because I completely accepted everything. It was quite an experience.

We can always find a cure

Diseases are the fear of death in their essence. It’s the biggest change, and you can cancel this change if you enter the state of acceptance, if you accept your own nature, or at least strive for it. So, there are no incurable diseases. The most incurable disease is ignorance. Everyone has a chance to heal.

If you at least maintain the right pH balance in your blood, you won’t create conditions for a disease to develop. This is concerning the physical plane. But here is the thing: a physical balance is an indicator of an inner balance…

When practising spiritually, you should always create a sufficient amount of vibrations to prevent diseases. Diseases are the result of an incorrect mindset or lack of spiritual growth.

Master Imram

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