Kriya is the foundation of spiritual practices

Science of kriya

28 September 2021

People distinguish between different yoga types, systems of the East and West, different religions until they realise that everything is one. For example, we’ll see no distinctions between Tao systems and yoga systems, if we understand their underlying principles and unity. This is also true for religions. Everything is in union, but externally methods are expressed in different ways.

Absolutely all systems form one whole, because everyone has one spine, one Divine vessel, one principle, one Atma.

Kriya is the original knowledge

Kriya is the Eternal Unchanging law of the Universe.

The name ‘Kriya’ was given by Babaji, and this method has nothing to do with kriya purification that we find in other yoga systems, if we distinguish between yoga types. Please don’t confuse Babaji’s Kriya with kriya yoga, practised as part of hatha yoga or raja yoga where kriya implies purification or performance of a specific action or exercise.

How Kriya is related to Qigong, Tao and other systems

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Kriya yoga is not a type of yoga. Kriya as a method is woven into all systems and approaches. Kriya can be expressed in the Vedas, christianity, islam, judaism, plus it is the basis for all spiritual practices.

Kriya is the foundation and crown of everything, because when you come to High yoga, Kriya-kundalini, the final step on your way to the conscious Unity with the Creator is attaining a state that we call Samadhi—it brings a seed which is the beginning. Kriya is the seed.

For example, all manifestations of the Tao, a chinese teaching (although it is not chinese), are branches, and other teachings and systems that appeared, as it may seem, on the territory of Japan, are fruits and flowers. That’s how we can poetically divide Kriya yoga into many approaches and systems. The seed is the basis, yoga.

We can say that qigong is a yogic method.

The methods of yoga and qigong are covered in very similar ways, but the methods of gathering and practices are different. Qigong implies working with energy that enables advancement. It is essential to understand that we work with energies. If we don’t understand what we work with, qigong is nothing but a group of funny exercises that will result in something, but working with energies is serious. When talking about what qigong is, we need to dig deeper. It is possible to perform Kriya by practising qigong, provided that we understand what Kriya is.

What we know as the Tao teaching was bestowed by Laozi.  Laozi’s true name is Boyang, or Bogar, Bogarnath, Boganatar. He is a Kriya-Siddha, who initiated Babaji and a great number of famous Siddhas, he is immortal and has remained in the body for many thousands of years. To date, it is known from ancient sources that it was Bogar who incarnated in the body of an old dying man, in which he lived and preached Taoism for 200 years.

Thus, China inherited a teaching known as Tao from a Kriya-Siddha, and various systems and approaches arose on the basis of his teaching. Here we find a direct connection with Kriya yoga.

Kriya yoga as a teaching arose due to the Cosmic Law. That is, today we have Knowledge that came from on high and spread in the form of different approaches and systems.

Master Imram

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