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Kriya yoga and children


22 February 2021

People often ask me from what age you can to teach Kriya yoga to children. Kriya yoga should be taught to children from the moment of conceiving. Parents should prepare in advance to help their child embark on the spiritual path, and most importantly, they should practice themselves. The process of conceiving, the process of preparing for having of a child, for the creation of a new life, for receiving the Divine form, the new form of God, is a very long and responsible process. A spiritual process. It shouldn’t be like “Oh, we’re going to have a baby”. But, unfortunately, the majority have it that way. It’s not the right attitude.

How parents should prepare for the coming of the Soul

Preparation has to be taken seriously. Prayers, meditation, purification. The intention itself will work for the unborn child exactly the way you want, because you are getting ready for it. Such Soul will come, which will be ready for it. Such Soul will come, which will match your vibrations. According to the law of attraction, according to the law of karma, the right Soul will come. Everything is important here, everything plays a part.

So, the child is born. He must absorb all spiritual postulates with his mother’s milk, with the mental Spiritual power of his father. You have to think in the right way, you have to talk to a baby who supposedly doesn’t understand anything, but at the same time absorbs everything in utero. This is a very serious process.

If you do all this, s/he will want or begin to practice at a young age You will begin to see that s/he understands you, that s/he echoes you. His/her spiritual component, the Spiritual power will be grasped by you. You will feel it. The child will behave like a Spiritual being. Of course, s/he will run around and jump, but you will notice something special about him/her. You shouldn’t be proud of it, but you should thank God for it.

How does the child's spiritual development happen

If the child is sufficiently developed (depending on your personal qualities), than at the age of four or five years old s/he may receive initiation. But you have to work with children in the form of a game. A child cannot sit in meditation right away and stay still for a long time, because a child is an unrestrained force. His meditation sessions will be short but frequent. It really depends on the child’s perception.

Initiation into serious techniques, where the aspect of pranayama is touched upon, is best given after puberty. Pranayamas change a person tremendously. If you give serious pranayamas to a child at the early age of 6-7 years, it will rapidly change him/her and, accordingly, it can change his/her attitude to life, change his/her attitude to peers, change a lot. Pranayama is a very serious load for the brain, for the personality.

Curative breathing can be taught. But I would not advise giving Kriya-pranayama (even if the child is ready) to a five or seven or even eight year old. Let him/her mature for this, until s/he is 14-16 or maybe even earlier, at the age of twelve.

Who should teach pranayamas? Who should give initiation? Of course, it’s the Master. The one whom you have accepted as Master. It must be a truly Spiritual person. Alternatively, it should be the child’s father who takes responsibility, provided that the child is ready. When we talk about initiation, about initiation into serious Kriya-pranayama techniques, it should be borne in mind that it’s important to perform these practices regularly. Is the child ready to do them regularly? Does s/he have such a sense of awareness in order not to skip practice? There are such children, but not all of them are like that. Therefore, you must look and see it with your Spiritual Gaze. It’s up to the Father or the Master to decide…

Master Imram

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