Love is God, a state given from Above


21 December 2020

You can attract the one you are waiting for in your heart

It takes certain qualities for you to meet the person who is your true life partner. You must have high spiritual potential, because every person, male or female, wants the best for themselves. We are waiting for the ‘true’ one. But are we meeting this standard?

Often we demand qualities from our partner, or spouse, that we ourselves do not have. It’s a good idea to start with yourself. When you are truly in tune with each other and are transforming from within, you can attract that Soul you are waiting for in your heart. And this Soul can match those desires and meet those demands of your heart to which you aspire.

Unconditional love accepts everything

For this to happen, you have to learn how to love. When people learn to love themselves unconditionally, not as an ego-principle but as a Divine entity, they will forget their partner’s level of development. One does this because his or her unconditional love accepts everything. All-acceptance appears. Then you can help the person you love to grow.

That’s why unconditional love is so much higher. It is situated in the heart centre rather than in the manipura, svadhisthana or muladhara chakras. There’s a possessive kind of love in the lower chakras. Someone who is in a state of possessive love “binds” their loved one to themselves. This is egoistic love. We can meet our destined one at any time, but only when we are ready. Make demands on yourself first and foremost.

Love is God, a state given from Above

If you have fallen in love with someone without knowing what they are like, that would be enough. Because you already have the very principle of love. And who that person is, you’ll find out on the road of lifetime.

I often say at seminars: there are two people who love each other and cannot be without each other. They are united by love. Love is a God-given state from Above. If we take away love, if God Himself takes away love, then there are just the two people left. This divine power is meant to unite. We should thank God for giving us this Divine power. Then, by directing the energies of the heart, the Soul, towards the One, we should strive to learn to love unconditionally — in the Divine state. Then there are no problems between two people, no quarrels, because this flow is given from Above.

Why does love fade?

In the beginning, two people loved each other. Why has their love flown away? Because it was a possessive love. There is an idea of consciousness staying in the lower spheres. People usually love selfishly. When a feeling arises, it is both chemically expressed and, above all, astrally expressed. The man might have just reminded you of something or someone. For example, memories of seeing each other before, meeting in different bodies, in past lives. And so these two have now met. They have mutual attraction, also chemically expressed. They are very close people now, but that doesn’t mean you have to get married. After all, these people could have been brothers in past lives, friends, maybe enemies, or mother/father and son/daughter. But that doesn’t matter now.

What matters is that they had met each other before and had some business together. But here, in this life, they appeared to each other as a young handsome guy and a girl, also beautiful. They thought they were in love with each other. But they do not have to get married. They can continue to love each other, to help each other. You don’t have to be in that close relationship to do this. Before you get married, you need to think carefully, assuming responsibility yourself.

Man's sense of responsibility

A man should always have a sense of profound or high responsibility for the woman he takes as his wife. Because man is the Creator, the active principle. The husband looks towards God. Towards God — inside himself. A woman looks towards her husband. If the husband does not feel the responsibility, the woman will suffer and he will answer to God for that.

If people get married, they need to take that responsibility. And now look at what is going on with young people, what responsibility do they take? They test each other, switching from one partner to another, looking for the best one. Is this what they call love? That is not the right attitude. In this way wrong bonds and grudges are formed and all that comes with them.

If the love in the marriage is gone

If people have married and then their love has faded, it shows that they have given everything they could to each other, including what they failed to do in their past lives. But they didn’t have to marry, they could just give it all as compassion, creativity, mutual help, friendship. But since they are married, the man should be responsible for the union. He must guide his spouse until the end.

Maybe some love ends because of its egoistic nature. Such love always ends. Minds are designed in such a way that they are always looking for something better. You used to love and cherish your car. But, a year later, you saw a new model and the old one lost its value for you. Now you want a new car. Then another one will come out and you’ll want a new one again.

Every time the mind wants something, it seeks the pleasure of something new, when the old is no longer to its liking. But you can’t do this to people. That is why love must be in the heart. Learn to feel the Souls. Learn to feel the person. Feel, who one really is. They are not the shell and the form. After all, everything external changes.

People grow old and die. Is it possible to love your wife or husband who is 70-80 years old? There are some people who continue to love each other while maintaining a deep respect for each other. Love may end, but respect must not. It must stay. After all, the Creator, God Himself, is present in human beings. Learn to see the Atman in every person – that Atman is God personified. A person should be loved for the sake of the Atman and not for any external attributes.

Love does not end, it just transforms

A woman and a man both have responsibilities. The man is simply in the lead, because he is more active and is responsible for the woman. But a woman is responsible for fulfilling the Dharma, her marital duty from a feminine perspective.

Master Imram

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