May one suppress desires?


18 April 2021

To free yourself from desires, you need to gain experience of realising those desires. Where did the idea that you need to fight desires come from? Fighting desires means investing in them. You can get free from desires through the sublime deep understanding of the nature of these desires, through high awareness.

When you gain experience, it helps you rise above all attachments. Desires are located in the chakras—muladhara, swadhishthana, manipura. We are talking about social desires that supposedly hold people back. Actually, people are held back by their own mind. You can calmly perceive what is happening, you can get involved, but don’t be dependent on it.

If there are no desires, there is no life. Why did the idea arise that desires are bad? It’s bad to be dependent on desires, it’s bad to be attached to desires. If your desires hold you back, you can abandon them. But then you should have a deep understanding that you are free from them, you should feel this freedom.

For example, if fulfilment of a desire hinders you and brings you discomfort – you don’t fulfil it. But if you suppress your desire while wanting to act on it, you are still fulfilling it, only this is not visible from the outside.

What desires should be like

When people practise and get spiritual experiences, they alter their attitude to life and re-evaluate their values tremendously, an inner superiority awakens in them.  One starts to realise what desires should be like. These are the desires of one’s soul: development, compassion, love and other sublime qualities.

When lowly desires and lowly qualities are replaced by sublime ones, the taste rises to another level, too. Therefore, all your attitudes change: if a person was a drinker and enjoyed the taste of alcohol, now they drink the nectar of love and compassion. That’s why one mustn’t abandon their desires. Either they should be fulfilled, or you should have enough willpower to remain calm about your desires without suppressing them.

Babaji, an immortal Himalayan saint, used to say that all desires must be fulfilled. Because if they are neither fulfilled nor transformed into a sublime sensation, sublime energy, the person will reincarnate because they are attached to those desires.

How to have the right desires

You should do it through understanding. You need to understand why you enjoy the hookah or like meat and so on. It suggests that the level of your consciousness is not very high, it has bogged down and requires elevation. For this, you need to cleanse your mind, perform pranayamas, pray and meditate.

You need to realise what forces you to do it. Maybe your inner state resonates with the external environment, which means your desires are caused by the outside world. In this case you should change your lifestyle and your social circle. If you want to get rid of all this, don’t interact with people who radiate such energy. Because until you reach stability, they will challenge you.

Spiritual practice, such as Kriya Pranayama, purifies a person on all planes.  Over time, you will start to feel that you are free from harmful desires. The criterion of truth is practice. However, your desires say much about your consciousness level.

Like attracts like—this is the principle that works here. This is your inner state. When you change from within, your environment will change, too. If you want to be a Saint, meet Saint people and Masters. If you want to attract success, seek the company of successful people.

If you want to get rid of bad habits, displace or replace them.You could create a list of your habits, for example. One column will be for your bad habits, the other one for good alternatives. You forget what is bad and focus entirely on the positive alternatives. You begin to bring all good habits from this list to your life to replace lowly, destructive desires with good ones. When you replace your bad habits with good ones, you’ll find your destiny.

Master Imram

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