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Money and success


21 January 2022

The matter of wealth and poverty comes to the foreground for many people. Why? Because the ordinary consciousness, the ego-personality always wants the best and seeks to make more money.

But people who are engaged in spiritual practice do not seek to gain money. They seek to gain knowledge, oneness – this powerful force that attracts well-being. Meaning, a person who is on the path of spiritual realisation is seeking the Ultimate Goal, the Ultimate Goodness. A person strives for self-development which allows them to apply the acquired knowledge and achieve success.

The main principle of money

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Money, as energy, flows to those who have power.  If a person lacks power – spiritual power, – money won’t come to them.

You might wonder, “How come there are so many non-spiritual people with high potential who own banks and all that?” This is because these people have accumulated a good karma in their past lives. And, to some extent, they deserve to have this potential in this life.  Moreover, they directed their life force to acquire this potential in the form of money.

If people who have money do not contribute it to development or aid, they will be held accountable for their acts, which were manifested as greed, avarice, and so on, in the next incarnation or even in this life.

Money is energy, and those who have it must properly distribute this energy in the form of a monetary resource among all others through implementation of aid. However, there are a lot of nothing-doers, that’s why we shouldn’t just hand out money to everyone, but help those who can acquire new knowledge and increase it.

The more you give, the more you receive—this is the principle that works.

Spiritual and material

People can be short of money because they are reluctant to better themselves. However, there are people who practise self-development and yet lack money. It has something to do with astrology, their karmic activities, and, of course, their wrong attitude to money.

We often hear a phrase ‘a spiritual person.’ But there also exists a misconception that ‘a spiritual person is a poor one.’ That is, a person must choose between spiritual growth and material pursuits. There is a gap in many people’s minds between the spiritual and material worlds.

But this is also a misconception, because in reality there is no spirituality separate from material life.

Sometimes I hear people say that one must give up everything and not set material goals in order to practise spirituality. Or, if they need to make money, they must abandon spiritual practice and move to the material world. But it’s at odds with their outlook on life.

However, there are no problems or contradictions here – there is a misunderstanding of what spiritual practice really is.

Master Imram

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