Music and spiritual practice


24 August 2021

When people were in Truth and vibrating as Truth, the music was sublime. Now, in the world of duality, many of us have forgotten what spiritual state is and have to re-enter it. We change and music changes as well.

How music influences our consciousness

Sound can have a destructive power but it can also spiritualize a human being. Spiritual music always creates. Harmonious and serene accords can produce a strong influence on the human consciousness. It’s the same sound—Pranava, OM, Holy Spirit.

Bible tells us, “In the beginning was the Word”, and by “the Word” is meant Knowledge that took the form of sound and vibrations, because the word itself is sound. A combination of letters is also sound. Everything is sound, everything is the energy of sound, of a wave. All creations appeared through This vibration, and This sound is the basis….

Music is the carrier of this knowledge. That’s why Indian ragas, spiritual chanting, Bhajans, that celebrate God’s doings and His avatars that came into this world as souls, have a very strong influence on the human consciousness. Nowadays it’s one of the types of spiritual practice. There are many directions, that are centred on OM, mantra and prayer chanting. All religions of the world practice prayer chanting.

So in essence, we keep returning to the Om sound. When practicing Yoga of the High Path, we listen to this Sound, hear it inside of us and become one with it. However, the very act of chanting this Sound also has a positive effect on the external environment, and people quickly start to attune to these vibrations.

Music is an important part of consciousness transformation

Ноты рука

Music reflects or vibrates depending on the level of sound impact or what is called an idea. It functions at certain levels. 

Music that people listen to every day vibrates at the level of three chakras: muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura. It’s not bad, but you have to understand the idea behind it, the lyrics, because the lyrics and the vibrancy of the sound change the mind. For example, various electronic music, if everything is harmonious, and if a good idea is behind it, elevates a person. It’s very important, and musicians are responsible for it. 


How music awakens spiritual power

Every note and sound have a peculiar shape. 

Let’s take musical arrangement, for example. It arises directly, I don’t think about what it should be, because it appears in space as an idea, as a movie. First, I see images during meditation, I feel inspired and then turn these visual images into acoustic ones. 

One of my compositions is called «Baraka». It’s one of the stages of spiritual development of a young Sufi who achieved realisation and liberation. When the Master initiated him, all transformations of his consciousness were taking place in the external environment. What happened to him was all that had to happen for him to alter his inner state. The composition is structured in order that this transformational event is conveyed through sound. I perceived it as a movie and the composition «Baraka» was created, enriched with special effects and peculiar melody. 

 All arrangements are created so as to move this spiritual movie from the astral and mental planes to the physical one. It influences all the planes. Experts in extrasensory perception, that took measurements, state that vibrations of this music have a powerful effect on chakras and energy systems and they are surprised at why it happens. The arrangement hardly differs from those that are created by other contemporary musician.

But the sound of this arrangement is delivered in a sacred way. 

That’s why, when listening to “Baraka”, even if you are unaware of what it is all about, you would feel something that is capable of transforming your consciousness, that touches your heart strings.You would see images directly linked to this energy, – ascension.

It’s good that the listener doesn’t know what the composition is about. The very spiritual force in each person will formulate the movie or storyline they need to see. Everyone will see a different, their own movie. I can’t force people to perceive it as I did. Let it be everyone’s own spiritual movie.

How spiritual music influences listeners

Behind every musical composition is the powerful force of an idea that is being transmitted from the Above. In fact, we open a kind of a portal—a channel of communication with that idea and that plane from which this composition emerged.

Every time we play music, we translate the energy of that plane.It runs through the person, their life experiences, their current state of mind, spiritual, creative centres that are called chakras, through channels and subjective entities, since there is a personality and it broadcasts it all. But the objective entity is so powerful that no personality can be manifested as very selfish because, first, we are speaking about mantras, and second, this power is immense. At this point it is translated to the listeners nearly unmodified.

We cannot say that human beings can transmit the Truth while they use their five basic senses, albeit very subtle. Even great Masters used to say that the Truth is beyond. It’s very important that people feel this goodness—it means that it is inside of them and it resonates.

It doesn’t matter how we play. What matters is what you feel.

Master Imram

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