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Parenting and child development


26 June 2023

Parenting is as difficult as it is easy. The challenge lies in that parents don’t know how to raise children. While the easy part is that they don’t have to be raised, but rather have to be given environment where they don’t stray from their own nature.

That is, parenting is about creating favourable conditions that will enable healthy development of a child. However, unless parents practise self-development themselves, they will find it difficult to impart knowledge or create required conditions.

Is it appropriate to pamper children?


Pampering is not advisable, but neither should parents be overly strict. Children have an inherent cognitive program and explore the world through their five senses. Initially, they rely on their sense of taste, which is connected to their mother’s milk. Gradually, their hearing, vision and other senses develop in tandem. Naturally, children need to explore the world and disassemble toys to find out how they work.

However, pampering can lead to a child’s degeneration.

Letting children do whatever they want is also undesirable. For instance, when your child is grizzling, and you let them do what they want, you add an “I got it finally” element to it. In this way you develop the child’s willpower. But if a child start using it to their advantage, you must redirected their attention to something else and make them understand that manipulating others is not a good thing.

It’s not easy to find a balance here. Try to be creative and shape an environment for your child to successfully develop, get whatever they want and at the same time realise that the race is got by running and it is not so easy. On the other hand, it should not be overly burdensome because life should flow effortlessly. We can face situations where we must work really hard to achieve our goals. While nature provides us with everything we need, however, we don’t always value it.

Master Imram

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