Relationship with parents


6 May 2021

What should we do if we want to communicate with our parents easily and openly, but they don’t understand us? We may have different opinions and outlooks on life. The secret is quite simple: we can just love our parents, and that will be enough.

Is it understanding at an emotional level or understanding at a mental level that matters to us? Most likely — both aspects are essential. It is important to understand at a heart level, because where there is love, there will be no need for understanding in the normal sense of the word. Love solves everything. Our parents need our attention. If we give them love or attention in the form of love, we won’t have to prove that we are being nice or doing everything right, they will just feel it.

So many people ruin their lives because they give all their priorities to the mental plane. They want to be accepted at a level of mind. And there are so many opinions at that level. The goal is to be at heart! And then it will be for real.

A person who follows the spiritual path, implementing his spiritual power, will always be understood and accepted by those around him only because he acts sincerely. Because that’s where the truth is. By pointing at the heart, I mean a higher awareness or feeling of love. Let it be the heart aspect.

How can you reach an understanding with your parents?

If you want your parents to understand you, be your true self, and this state will generate the energy of confidence that will rub off on your parents. Then they’ll stop worrying about you.

Any parent loves their child anyway. Your mother always loves you, whether you are right or wrong. If she feels you are wrong, then she is worried about you. When you radiate the power of confidence, the power of conviction, then everything is handled. This is achieved through love.

How do you help parents if they don't want to change?

We cannot force people to do what we want them to do. Even if it’s our parents. Only by having a quality of consciousness, certain qualities of character, can you inspire your parents, your loved ones, to — not just to do as we want — but to start looking for the way back to themselves.

You need to have specific qualities of character to be able to do this. These character qualities will also allow you to calm down and be just a person who loves and simply cares about your parents. But if you want them to do what you do, you don’t have to put it in an egoistic way, you have to present it as a piece of knowledge. In a neutral state, you present knowledge sincerely.

When you present knowledge not with an egoistic attitude, but sincerely, they no longer see you as someone who is interested in having them do as you want, but as someone who wants to help them. It is important to acknowledge that they have their own understanding of the issue and their own opinions.

It all comes down to ego. But an ego that is tuned into inspiration, tuned into what is called self-improvement, is helpful to a person. Otherwise, of course, ego blocks everything. Because I have my opinion, you have yours, that’s what happens if we live through our minds.

Helping parents as a basis for your own growth.

When you want to help your parents, you create the conditions for your personal improvement. It is your responsibility to take care of them, and you can be strong enough to make up for even those negative things. For example, when someone is sick, you can take some of that sickness or that burden onto yourself. This way you can create the conditions for your parents to take the path of spiritual cultivation. They will sense it.

At first it may be some kind of clinging or habit that things are being handled for them. But, after all, they are your parents and in this case it doesn’t matter what they think. The important thing is that you show that you care. Because they took care of you and brought you up, stayed up day and night when you were born. Now it’s your turn to help. When you were born, all of you incarnated together, it was originally planned that they would incarnate as your parents and you would come third. You knew from the beginning what your fate would be, it was your choice.

But through the power of love you can change a lot of things on Earth, which doesn’t require conviction, which doesn’t require understanding, it just is there and things just happen as they are meant to.

So of course you have to persuade, of course you have to provide some knowledge, of course you have to create the conditions for them. Maybe you need to be a little more consistent for them, not necessarily a literal “do this, do that”. You have to create conditions in which they will want to do something. To inspire them. You must have the power of the inspiring Spirit to encourage them to do things. And it’s not from you, but from Above! Then they will feel inwardly that it’s not your ego, it’s from Above!

Master Imram

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