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Sickness of our loved ones


3 May 2023

When facing challenging circumstances, such as the illness of oneself or a loved one, it is a result of individual, ancestral and family karma.

In times of a family member’s ill health, those who love them cannot stand idly by. To balance the demands of work, daily life  and the devoted care of the sick, one requires substantial strength. This calls for a powerful energy of love and compassion. Where can such strength and energy be found?

To seek strength is to seek God.

We should look for strength within ourselves. God resides within us. The ordinary strength that we rely on is inadequate. It is to be found in prayer and meditation.

The miracles of healing

Strength is acquired through the miracles of the Spirit of Healing, or one might say, the Spirit Healer . In addition to tending to the sick, one must also care for oneself in order to cultivate more energy, which can then be bestowed upon the one in need. Ultimately, through personal actions or by the intervention of the Creator, a miracle of healing may transpire when genuine faith is discovered.

If it does not happen, it signifies that such is the individual’s karma and their destiny, and they are meant to endure this experience in this lifetime. The same is true for those who care for the sick, their karma is linked. However, for those who seek to alleviate their karma, a way can be found. Because even the heaviest karma may be nullified by appealing to the Highest Power, or it can be mitigated by half—a tremendous possibility.

When things seem awry, appeal to the Highest Power within you.

People develop deceases because they do not appeal to the Highest Power. People fall ill because they fail to grasp that the Creator, of whom they have heard, seeks Unity.  And you, too, seek Unity with Him.

Of course, one may argue that the Creator is transcendent, requiring nothing, completely self-sufficient.  Not quite. We should channel the radiance of love, which we receive as life’s gift, to gratitude and love for the Highest Power. This occurs within us. That’s why there are times in our lives when we are compelled to turn inward, or simply put, towards God.

Once you have done it, you will need some time to strengthen your commitment. Healing does not occur instantaneously. It happens when a person finds genuine faith, when they wholeheartedly commit themselves. However, if a person’s faith remains uncertain, power and exuberance alone will prove insufficient. Until they cry out to God and beseech for healing, God won’t see this outburst, this enormous force of conviction and faith, and the person must endure a little longer.

In due course, their desire will be fulfilled. People are always healed, they unfailingly receive grace. The Creator has never forsaken a child of His without aid. Yet, the child often ignores his Father, becoming distracted. Hence, life throws them a curveball, compelling them to seek God within themselves. Within, and not without, because He is here.

I firmly believe that every person’s life presents an opportunity, and victory awaits those who seize it.

Master Imram

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