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Social media


15 February 2021

Social media has a profound effect on us. Because anything that impacts the brain also impacts the mind. We can see now that social media has been raised to the rank of something essential. We are always in contact with computers, phones, smartphones, etc. All information in them is expressed by a system of numbers, using a combination of ones and zeros. But we have bioenergetic qualities that are given to us from Above. These qualities are in a latent, poorly developed state. Our immersion in the world of social media is slowly weakening our consciousness.

The dangers of social media

The danger of social media comes at least from the use of radiators, which are literally microwaves for the brain. This is why holding the phone near your ear is not advisable. The frequency characteristics of a working phone are devastating for the brain. Although it is possible to use other frequency characteristics that are not as detrimental, the technologies that are being used now are the very ones that are harmful to us. This is a specific programme of influence and impact.

However, social networks are useful, for example, for receiving information on spiritual development. The very idea of the internet was given by spiritual ascended Gurus, and, specifically, by the spiritual leaders of the Middle Ages, who return to earth from time to time. Even then, these spiritual Teachers knew that in our present, people would be in a state of ignorance. So, in order to facilitate the transmission of spiritual knowledge, the internet was created.

Obviously, the internet has a great deal of trash floating around. This is the result of improper use of social media. The vibrations we send or hear form us, that is why in Kriya practice we listen to the highest vibrations. It changes a person because the atoms start vibrating towards higher frequencies. A person changes, becomes sublime.

Social media is the opposite. At first it was all civilised, but little by little a degradation has taken place. What was once shameful is now seen as normal. In the past people used special language while swearing. Now they  tend to use this language in their everyday talk. Moreover, it is becoming popular and trendy. This is the result of social media in use. After all, if a popular personality behaves this way, it makes you think it is acceptable, and children begin to copy this behaviour.

Today, people have begun to forget their native language, their mother tongue is mixed with borrowed words and slang. It is important to realise that one must resist this by simply ignoring it, without sinking in and trying to prove something to someone.

Pros and cons

Indeed, the internet, with all its services, is useful for helping other people. But we start replacing smiles with emojis, erasing our emotions in ourselves and losing our humanity. Instead of us, it’s the machine that expresses our emotions. The person who we send these emojis to also starts forgetting how people actually smile. It often gets to the point of absurdity that people communicate via phones even when they meet in real life. A child expresses his or her feelings to their parents through text messages. We are really losing our humanity.

There is always something bad in the good and something good in the bad.

We need social media as a fast way of sharing information, but it’s not the speed that matters, but the quality of the information we share. The information field which we reside in affects our subconscious directly. The media makes people listless. Then an addiction to social media develops. For example, when we post a picture, we then wait for likes and comments, and if we don’t get them, there is no dopamine release that usually comes with this. A person gets stressed and has to use social media constantly to avoid experiencing this condition.

How to use the internet and technology properly

Put a filter on. Distance yourself from those who bring you negative information. Wish them well, wish them happiness and tell them you don’t want to continue communicating on negative topics. Yes, you often need social media to keep in touch with the right people, but it’s important that it doesn’t become an addiction.

Immobilisation, constant information consumption, clipped mindset are all affecting a person’s DNA, and the problem is much deeper than it may seem. It is important that our use of a smartphone does not turn into an addiction. Often a person who is always aware of events, weather forecasts, etc. through social media remains helpless in the real world, if you take away his smartphone and internet. This is a real problem. I believe that we need to develop ourselves comprehensively, not only technocratically, but BIOENERGETICALLY. Do you think that ancient people did not have special thinking, special qualities, superior vision, superior perception?

Who needs such technology that makes a person sick and dying of brain cancer just because he has been on his phone for his whole life? All knowledge is in nature. I’m not saying I’m against technology. I use a synth for music myself, I have an iPhone, but it’s not the lifeblood, and I’ve never queued for 2-3 days for one.

How to protect yourself from negative influences

Strengthen your immune system. Reinforce through the manifestation of the will, because the immune system is linked directly to your will, and your will is your immune system. Scientists have established that a phone lying around is a degradation of a person’s consciousness, whether they are aware of it or not. Once you put the phone away, your system, starts working differently, your brain starts working differently. Just imagine, this little die makes the Universal human brain fall into addiction. Virtual reality is a path to losing our identity…

Master Imram

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