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The brain’s capacity


22 December 2022

The brain in the conscious state has an executive function. The brain is the greatest instrument, it may be capable of expressing the entire universe, as well as only being able to express a tiny particle of it.

In any case, any human being, whoever they are, is an expression of the Divine presence. And it all depends on how consciously they are present in this divinity and in this awareness of the universe.

So, the knowledge that you receive in this life from external sources is core knowledge about God, about the Universe. And even if you use just one or five percent or a fraction more of this knowledge, it is still an expression of the Divine.

It’s just a person who lives by one or two percent is not aware of it, they don’t recall it.


Brain hemispheres


The brain is the greatest instrument, along with all the other functionally expressed parts of the body. It’s actually the same principle, it’s one and the same energy. But people have a notion of the brain, they have a concept of body parts, they’ve named them, and they exist.

When it comes to the brain, there are more than three hundred million interconnections between the two hemispheres. The right hemisphere is the creative area. When it is unconscious, i.e. not normally controlled, it possesses spiritual potential. The left hemisphere is the logical part, which means everything that has to do with our external life.

There is a connection between the two hemispheres – the so-called intersection – and its development is of great importance. This allows you to embrace the knowledge that comes from the right hemisphere and express that knowledge in a left-hemispheric way. That is the way we bring in Divinity.

Without perception of the Divine structure, the left hemisphere is just silent. And whatever you get from the right hemisphere is assimilated and transmitted by the left one, but in its own way, because there is a difficulty in the direct perception of this knowledge. That is what the mind does.

Interhemispheric communication

If you practise a high method such as Kriya, you restore the connection between the hemispheres, awaken the neural part as much as possible, re-establishing bonds, and thus you are able to bring in this knowledge directly.


This is the method of direct transmission.

If you master it, your life will be amazingly interesting, because you will see and understand things comprehensively, you won’t have to perceive knowledge in a linear way, in an attempt to understand how things work. You immediately see and understand multiple things all at once. This happens unconsciously, when in fact it is a very quick, easy way to do things effortlessly.

It all depends on the quality of the progression.

Master Imram

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