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The Kriya Science in our lives

Science of Kriya

29 March 2021

Speaking of self-realization in general, people, with the help of Kriya Yoga, can accelerate the process of their development even if they practice other spiritual directions. Kriya speeds up the journey of self-improvement many times over. If you apply Kriya techniques in Raja Yoga, for example, the techniques of Raja Yoga will work many times stronger.

Can Kriya be combined with other practices?

If you understand Kriya techniques and practice them together with practicing other systems, – you do not fully understand what Kriya yoga is.

A person who has experienced the techniques of Kriya realises that Kriya is the foundation of all systems, and there is no need to practice anything else.

It is a more comfortable (in terms of personality, ego), versatile and a highly productive method. A person practicing Kriya comes to their self-realisation much more rapidly than someone practicing another system. That said, the other system is not “different”, it is just the way systems are being divided now. There are Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, Laia yoga and so on. Kriya is present everywhere. However, if you use Kriya techniques together with practicing so-called “alternative” method, you will speed up your development with the help of Kriya.

For example, by applying Kriya yoga energising techniques in martial arts, you achieve faster results. Because real martial arts are also Spiritual development and Spiritual practice. It is not fighting, it is the alchemy of the body. There is taoist yoga, which is also a yogic trend, – a chinese one. They are close because all taoist practices emerged from Kriya. If you find Kriya in the other directions, it means that you  understand the versatility of Kriya. Then there is no need to do anything else.

There are athletes who have been practicing Kriya. I know a few athletes of the martial arts federation who came to Kriya for quick recovery. They used Kriya Yoga techniques to energise their bodies and to speed up their recovery from different injuries they had got in competitions. People doing martial arts sometimes want to learn how to work more energetically. The practice of energisation allows you to do this. The process of development in these directions is accelerated and one enters meditation more quickly.

Another example, a religious one. People asked for guidance in attaining peace of mind while performing faith-based practices. They learnt a few techniques to energise the body and moved into their practice by applying these techniques. Silence and peace came quicker, and then the prayer was successful. There are lots of people who have left their systems and found their Spiritual practice in Kriya yoga because they have realized its versatility. A lot of yoga instructors with 20 years experience (which is quite a long time) often come to my seminars. With the foundation they already have, they have taken the basic course – the 6 stages of self-realisation. They have joined Kriya yoga and are now progressing further.

In the near future, everything we call Spiritual practice will be as close as possible to the techniques of realisation given by Babaji. Because it is a Science.

Master Imram

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