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The power of thought and intention


27 February 2021

What is the power of intention?How can we augment this power? What is the source of this power? What’s the way to augment it and how does it work? There is only one answer to all these question—silence.

Every person has an enormous might, a tremendous power. But not everyone believes that. Once I said, “If you want to be God, stop being a human. If you are tired of being a human, become God.” We keep thinking as humans all the time, and all the doubts, which come from without, are not our thoughts. This is not something that is inherent in us from Above.

All doubts come from the outside world, but they are so deeply rooted in our mind, in our intellect, that it seems to be our very nature. However, these ideas are transmitted from the lower astral planes.

If you are committed to yoga and self-development, you should know that yoga is a way of reunion that emerged side by side with the Cosmic Law. This is why yoga is the law in action. Nowadays yoga, as a path, allows us to reach various levels.

When talking about yoga, I don’t mean what all of us know as hatha yoga or other branches or systems of yoga. I am talking about yoga as the right attitude to life, to oneself, yoga as Spiritual practice.

What is yoga?

Yoga is not just a path, or action, or a process of reconnection. This is what enables us to control the matter and thought in order to cancel all the changes.

What’s the origin of all the obstacles in one’s life? The mind builds them up. Where do they come from? From the outer world. This is a continuous pressure. The interaction of the mind with the surrounding space creates obstacles.

Why? Because there appear images. These images are imposed. Thus, we assimilate certain patterns that start to influence our life.

What is yoga? This is a way to control the thought-matter. What is the thought-matter? This is a thought that has materialised as a body and is prone to change. It’s prone to change because continuous interaction with the space changes us. An ordinary mind perceives these changes as ageing, destruction or suffering. Yoga is a way to stop those sufferings and manage the changes.

Changes are managed through spiritual practice, through a proper belief system, through analysis, reflection and, first of all, meditation, because meditation is a highly intense reflection or the deepest analysis. Gradually, we begin to think like God, not like a human. For this, one should perform a deep analysis and meditate, one should immerse their consciousness again and again while contemplating that primary principle that we embody, and head there when possible.

This is a very important point. Even if you struggle with meditation (and over time you will manage to do it in any case), you have an opportunity to break those habits, replace them with something positive, with good habits.

The power of intention and the “I Am”

Principle everybody has a dream. We dream about something positive, and our dreams are versatile. But on a large scale, all people dream about one thing: to find harmony, joy and happiness and everything related to these. This is why a human mind is seeking the way leading to this joy and harmony.

To go beyond the mind, one should develop a sufficient power of concentration. Our state of mind contributes to it. The power of intention to achieve a lofty goal is sourced from the causal planes—from the world of ideas. When you have an idea, while you haven’t yet formed a thought pattern and are inspired to do something, you are happy. This idea is being translated right now. Its vibrations within each of you are very high.

This idea originates from the Spiritual plane. When going through the buddhi (a Sanskrit word), intellect, Divine world, it is being shaped as our causal body, or causal plane, which is the world of ideas, and then takes on a thought pattern. You clearly understand what you need to do, and with this in the background you feel an enormous desire to achieve, to implement this idea. This desire crystallises and you manifest this idea on the physical plane to this or that degree.

The truth is translated in the same way. The Creator, or your Higher Self, translates this idea through himself, through this greatest form, through the use of a tool that we call body. Because in fact our body is not a physical body, it’s a thought matter. And if we want life to treat us well, we should remove this filter to the extent possible and direct all our energy, all the power of concentration of our consciousness to the “I am” principle and focus on it while striving to break through to it in our constant Spiritual practice. I don’t know any other way.

In fact, there is no power that could prevent us from doing this except our own mind, lack of understanding or knowledge. Nothing can stop us except our ignorance. Neither satan, nor a devil, nor any other power. Nothing hinders us but for the only best friend of ours—the mind. If we want to be creative in this life without fear or doubt, we should work on ourselves. Perform an action, take a step, otherwise the energy won’t flow: the source must be dynamic.

An important aspect of Kriya yoga is about body energisation. It’s not just pumping yourself with energy. When we appear in this space, we are already this energy. A newborn is a clot of energy. This energy is potentially very powerful. But it can’t manifest until there is a self-aware power.

Our atoms need this self-awareness, our neurons need to rise to a higher level of self-awareness than the current one.

Our spine within which lies the spinal cord is also brain that develops when we energise ourselves and becomes a conscious sentient being. It’s a proof of one’s evolution. A person who practices Yoga of the High Path evolves intensely. They evolve through the activation of the brain, of the medulla oblongata.

We try to change our life on the physical plane forgetting that everything originates from the causal world. If we want to change something, we should learn to deal with the higher planes. Thus, we’ll approach magic. Don’t be afraid, this is a good word.

The magic of transformation

А magician is a creative person, a Master. Magic is transformative. At the beginning, when we turn to a power beyond the physical plane, in the higher astral world, we try to interact with this power. Many people who practise magic turn to the elemental spirits, to energies, to demigods in an attempt to find comforts through them. Thus a hierarchy is built up. It exists. Yogis can do well without this hierarchy, they don’t need intermediaries. They practise the true knowledge and raise their consciousness to the levels where they can connect with the Creator, with their Higher Selves. A yogi is outside the system of egregores. The very science of Yoga of the High Path brings us an understanding of being created in the image of God. Practice enables us to reach this level where we can get awareness of our Divine nature.

Now the consciousness grows and goes through changes. We have stepped into dvapara yuga. Dvapara yuga is a period of developing technologies and awakening creativity. We have lived in this age for nearly 319 years now.

Today, we have an opportunity to take control over our subconscious mind through dealing with the superconscious mind. This is a simple mechanism that you can wind up and maintain through your daily spiritual practice that includes proper mindset, proper breathing and proper asana. Nothing else is needed…

Master Imram

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