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13 July 2021

Vegetarianism is a trending topic now. I am happy to see that the trend is developing in favour of the principle: “I am a vegetarian”, or even “I am a vegan”. People’s consciousness is changing and society is naturally changing according to the laws and rhythms of nature, the laws of the higher aspect, the laws that govern this Universe and human development.

The sun pours an enormous amount of energy and information upon us, and every person, gradually, becomes sunny. It’s a metaphor, but that’s the way it is.

A person becomes a vegetarian when their consciousness, understanding and inner state change. People spiritually awaken, and their will and their Soul awaken too. These processes are connected with changes that happen in a person. When it happens, people reach the level of refined perception of themselves.

Our Perception

If a person eats meat, their perception will be very rough. People who want to comprehend their inner world become vegetarians.

And not only vegetarians. They stop eating products that cause them to regress, for example, refined or dead foods like plastics or GMO.


People learn to thoroughly select their foods because vegetarianism is a good thing. But being absorbed by the Internet and nourishing oneself with information, its metal aspect, is like being nobody. You detox your body but intoxicate your mind.

We nourish ourselves not only through what we eat, but also through what we absorb with our visual centre. This is something that many people cannot understand. We nourish ourselves through what we hear and ⁣ feel, through that catalyst that gives us information.

Today we are greatly influenced by what we see, hear and watch on TV. And the foods we eat influence us, too. This is what we nourish our subtle substances and subtle bodies with. We should be selective in every aspect of our lives. Becoming a vegetarian is very important!

How to Become a Vegetarian

First of all, it’s advisable to consider what meat really is, why it’s not good for you and why it is recommended by many.

There are many questions. To cut a long story short, in Russian the word “meat” sounds like “myaso”. “Mya” in the Old Russian language means “I am”, and “so” in Sanskrit means “that” (which is also Old Russian). Let’s put it together: “I am that”. “That” is what relates to the higher aspect. “That” is what people call the Creator.“Mya-so” means “I am the Creator”.

He who eats meat eats himself. Let’s consider the English word “meat”. Here we have “me” and “eat”, which means “I eat myself”.

Becoming a vegetarian must be a smooth and gradual process. You must avoid any violence against yourself. This is a life-long journey. Your Ego will always find a reason for avoiding doing what it doesn’t want be it waking up in the morning, working on yourself, practising regularly, following a diet or eating meat. This is because people have certain affections and habits.

There are many situations where your mind, or, rather, your “emotional demon” would come in and say, “Look, you must avoid any violence, this is where you should act smoothly.”

But believe me, you won’t get any closer to it unless you become truly determined and motivated and learn from your experiences. You must have a goal, at least a small one.

You won’t get any closer because to quit smoking gradually means to go on smoking and to give up eating meat gradually means to go on eating meat.

If we compare different aspects of violence, we’ll see that eating meat is a worse form of violence or use of violence than just giving it up. Meat that we eat contains a lot of chemicals and hormones that kill our bodies, modify our cells causing their mutation.

How Meat Affects Us

There is a very good Russian cartoon about cow’s milk. A character of the cartoon asks,

“Does your cow give much milk?” And the answer is, “We haven’t seen a drop so far.”

It’s nearly impossible to find good milk anywhere now. All dairy products and manufactured meat are ingredients that people eat without understanding how they will affect their consciousness, subtle bodies and, finally, physical bodies.

That’s why adopting a scientific approach to this aspect of life is highly advisable.

Master Imram

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