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Natalia – I was unable to get up, but now I soar and want to help people

Retreat reviews

7 June 2023

Natalia from Moscow has been asking questions about herself and the meaning of life since childhood. Numerous lectures, trainings and books have failed to provide answers. While asking herself deep questions once again, Natalia saw Master Imram’s first lecture on the Internet.

“The second day after that, Imram came to me in a dream. And after that, things startedhappening immediately. I have been listening to Imram day and night. I listened to him in the morning, I became a vegetarian right away. I’ve changed dramatically. So abruptly. Apparently, I got that divine “kick” from Imram in a dream. Not only that, but my 13 years old daughter has also changed. Now you can see for yourself that she is here. Her progress gets better and better every time.

3.5 months ago I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. After a month, I realised that I was not injecting painkillers any more. It was unbelievable. I meditated every day. Even if I didn’t have time to meditate, I would at least close my eyes for five minutes and meditate at work.

Then I saw that Imram is giving a lecture in Moscow, “No Enlightenment”, and I went there, of course. I always knew for sure that Imram was my Master and I would never stray from that path again.

At the first day of the retreat I couldn’t get up from my knees, people were helping me. Imram said “I will see you running soon.” Today, on the fifth day, I am running ahead of Imram. I don’t have any pains. At the moment, I’m just floating like a butterfly. I’ve lost 13kg in these 3 months. Nothing could help me before.

Kriya is a miracle. I wanted to do yoga, but I had never heard that there was this type of yoga. That you can discover yourself through this yoga, make your body young. You’ll see that I’ll be here again in a year and I’ll be completely different. Because it feels so light, like you’re 18. I take advantage of a moment like vegetarianism and I get claircognizance. I had this vision when I switched to vegetarianism, that Imram would have very many schools all over the world.

I approached Imram on the third day of the retreat and said, “Imram, I want to be a yogini, your disciple. This is my dream.” He said: “All right, you and I will agree that Sai Baba will be your teacher.” I said: “Yes, and you will be the Master.

” I want to reach the highest path — to become a yogini. To become a non-toxic cell in this world, to help people.”

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Dietary guidelines


17 August 2023

Ideally, you should eat once every few days. However, we are used to having breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus brunch and other snacks. Let’s remember how our ancestors lived. They would have a snack in the morning and go to work. They would have dinner when the sun was at three o’clock, metaphorically speaking. If they had food, they ate it. They hardly had anything to eat in the evening.

How to deal with food cravings

It would be right if you ate when you were really hungry, not when the stomach wall programme or the appetite that comes as a thought demands it. Let us say you had a meal two or three hours ago. You’re walking down the street and you notice a pleasant smell. You immediately develop an attachment and a feeling of wanting to eat something. You can’t get rid of that thought.

I used to have this feeling, too. I tried to deal with it by curling my tongue back. That’s an element of khechari mudra. When you hold your tongue back consciously and concentrate on the feeling “I am energy, I am a Divine Cave”, all these thoughts dissolve. They no longer have power.

Hunger is not a state where you are consciously starving and endogenous nutrition kicks in. It is a state of being hungry, which comes most likely four to six hours later. If you find it difficult to start eating like this right away, you can eat two or three small meals a day. Do not stuff your stomach, otherwise the food will not be digested and will stay there longer, making it harder to get rid of the hoop that appears around the waist.

What it means to eat properly

You should eat righteously: eat as little as possible and exercise more physical activity. Then you will be able to burn off the excess. If you do pranayama, it’s actually even better, because pranayama burns everything. It burns out all the waste matter and eliminates it from the body. However, don’t use pranayama just to cleanse yourself. It is meant for high realisations. 

I eat as follows: if there is food, I eat once a day. I only consume vegetarian food like fruits and vegetables. The rest of the time I drink water, sometimes herbal tea.

Here’s a tip: if possible, eat two meals a day and don’t overeat. It’s best to take six hours between meals, then you’ll have time to work it all off. This is also the time needed to keep the bile from stagnating when hunger strikes. If you feel as though you’re hungry and would like to eat, wait another hour. If the feeling remains, then it’s definitely okay to eat.

Master Imram

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