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SAMADHI – absolute self-awareness (Part 1)


9 January 2021

“My personal experience of Samadhi was spontaneous. This state emerged while I was practicing, but I didn’t know that I experienced the elements of Samadhi.
Firstly, I experienced a state of deep contemplativeness. In your childhood, did you ever notice how you sometimes wanted to stare fixedly in front of yourself? It was enjoyable; you felt very comfortable and didn’t have any thoughts. Suddenly someone made this gesture and said: “Don’t stare at one point. It’s bad luck”, or something like that. What makes people prevent others from being concentrated?
It’s fear. A person fears that something has happened to his child or another loved one. He is afraid of something that can pull his loved ones away from him. This is an attachment.
Then, before your eyes, you see a hand that is trying to dissipate your attention. A definite force in the form of fear is working through these people. This force doesn’t allow you to remain in this state.
However, when this state emerges spontaneously, it is accompanied by the cessation of breathing, and you feel calm, relaxed, and secure. You don’t think about anything. It’s a sort of reset, or reloading if anything.
It is a very good state. It doesn’t mean that this person is keeping his distance from people because of discouragement or frustration. He is in a state of powerful concentration and wants to stare in one point. He is rehabilitating at this moment. His brain is being restored. All of these are the elements of meditation…”
About Master Imram
For more than 20 years, Imram has been visiting different parts of our planet. He spent a lot of time in India, doing Sadhana (Sanskrit: समाधि – «means towards some end»), or – Yoga practice. Owing to his long-time practice of Yoga, Imram has attained Oneness with his Higher Self. In the Science of Kriya this process is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi (where Nirvikalpa means: the highest state, beyond time; samadhi: wholeness, union, accomplishment, fulfillment. In the word Samadhi syllables mean: sa (so) – first cause, #transcendental; ma (maha) – great; dhi (dhiyan) – meditation, union).

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Importance of spiritual practice

Science of Kriya

17 January 2024

The task of the Masters now is to make the world a better place. You’re the future Masters. What can you bring to the world, what knowledge? You can come with personal experience.  If you want it to be faster, then speedily spiritualize material nature, make everything flourish in this life. It is possible.

The more people who practise and develop in different directions, the faster harmony will prevail on Earth.

One hundred and twenty million people initiated and practising the High Technique of Kriya Yoga can bring about a very rapid change in the space of the universe towards balance. So the balance that we are trying to achieve in our lives at this time is directly dependent on the balance of consciousness in the Universe. This is a very important point. The critical mass of spiritual power must outweigh the negativity that spreads – that possibility exists, and it must be done. Advanced students can bring this balance into the Universe within a short period of time, and then all other aspects of people’s lives on Earth will align, even though everyone else is unaware of it.

Master Imram

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3 months ago

Master Imram's thoughts penetrate deep into the consciousness. Weather hear them or read them. I feel blessed. Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum🙏🏽

3 months ago

Yes, great idea! Let's practise altogether and more and more people will join!

Имрам Крийя
3 months ago

Thank you for sharing! Join us every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. for online joint meditation.

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