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What fear is


14 March 2021

Many psychologists say that any fear originates from the fear of death. This is a general belief. But ,if we look at this matter from the spiritual perspective, we’ll see that fear is a lack of a deep understanding of the principle of Unity, in yoga terms. When one realises the principle of Unity with their Higher Self, the notion of “fear” ceases to exist, because they already know the feeling of pleasure and the deepest joy, the strongest confidence and faith.

I use collective terms for you to understand the nature of this state, because in no language can we find words to describe it. Similarly, we can hardly find words to describe fear. We can’t say that it is green, or brown, or what not. This is just a very unpleasant, low-frequency, coarse-frequency state. Therefore, fear arises when one disconnects from the Sublime. When one enters an immediate, conscious, self-aware state, the sublime state of Unity, fear disappears.

A vivid example of how one could beat fear is Master Jesus demonstrating the power of detachment when crucified. Maybe there was fear at the beginning, but then the willpower, the confidence, the faith came in and everything happened.

The origin of fear

I’ll repeat that fear is a lack of understanding of what Unity is. We aren’t going to analyse its social aspect now. Because fear for our property, for our loved ones and so on arises when we rely on our mind rather than on the buddhi, the highest intellect, which means that we don’t rely on our heart and Soul. We rely on our mind.

And the mind always relies on what it is able to understand here and now, however, it keeps racing to the future and to the past. It is not really able or willing to be “here and now.” To be more exact, it is able but unwilling. We should attach it to the state of being present here and now where there is no psychoemotional imbalance, no fear, no time. Time and fear appear when one looks to the future and begins to fear. Because the past, as well as the future, may not be very pleasant. And when we direct our energy to the future or to the past for comparing, it triggers the feeling of fear.

Actually, all this is an illusion. There is no future nor past. But for the mind, they do exist. As the mind compares, it generates low-frequency radiation by swinging this pendulum. I mean, your spine, as a Spiritual core, begins to sway, and then the mental or emotional demon begins to pester you: “what if?” It all creates fear because of our attachment to the desires of the mind.

The problem is that it won’t unfold as the mind wishes, it will unfold as it will. If you want to know how it will unfold, don’t use your mind—transcend the mind. If you can’t do it now, learn to trust the processes that happen, because life just happens, meditation just happens. For example, samadhi is a process that happens by itself, as well as meditation, as well as our life.

How to overcome fear

The sun rises, you can’t stop it. But at this moment you can stop yourself. You can switch your understanding on or off, you can be present here and now, stay in a meditative state or samadhi, and the sun will disappear, the outer space will disappear, the universe will disappear… Only the One who always is will stay. There is no fear in this “I am” state.

You can bring this feeling to your social life. When you get out of the meditative state retaining the connection, you get out of the deep state of self-awareness and let yourself interact with the outer world.

Fear is addictive, people don’t want to let go of this addiction and want more of it. When they don’t get what they strive for, they begin to suffer. This suffering is recorded, and people don’t want to repeat it in the future. Thus the fear arises that it will happen again. This is how a person suffers all his life and does not actually live, because he is not in the Cosmic Consciousness, he is not in the “here and now” state.

In this situation, I advise people to stop the thinking process through spiritual practice. Alternatively, you can continue this thinking process, shifting the direction and focusing on what’s really important. You should learn to be present “here and now” in everything you do. For this, you need to concentrate your consciousness in the Vessel of Transcendental Power and cleanse your mind. And you will feel the awakening of the spiritual power that is known as Spirit the Comforter in religion. This power will never let you have any fear or doubt. This is an immediate connection with God that is available to all of us.

Master Imram

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