What is a spiritual name


10 December 2021

Every person has a Soul. The one from Above possesses it. The soul responds to a certain kind of vibration. The spiritual name is the level at which the Soul is located. The spiritual name is the vibration that is consonant with the Soul. And when a Master gives a person a spiritual name, it vibrates in the person and changes his karma, changes the way he or she lives.

How to get a spiritual name

The one who receives initiation into the practice of Kriya receives a mantra that works with the mind, it protects this person. Furthermore, this person receives a name as a kind of title, or a level at which it enters consciousness and in which the Soul begins to realize itself.

The master should give a name, possessing a quality that allows him to sense the highest vibrations, according to which the name is given. This is done during meditation.

Receiving a spiritual name is a key point that helps a person to arrive at closure, to attain perfection, to arrive at what he wants to be from the point of view of the spiritual aspect and to embody this name in the world.

If this name, having done its job, no longer vibrates, then after some time the Disciple (already a future Master, for example) receives a new initiation, and he is given another name that brings him to a higher level. But there are also names that are given for life.

The spiritual name is the guiding light.

The spiritual name is preserved from incarnation to incarnation as a vibration. In the next incarnation, a person may not remember his names, with the rare exception of those who remember their past incarnations.

The spiritual name is the work of a person, it is the vibration to which he aspires, it is the level to which he comes as a result of practice. This name is the guiding light. Astrology responds vigorously to the spiritual name. Thanks to the name, the karma is altered, at which point the planets become more lenient to this wanderer.

In a previous life, a person could get a spiritual name by being a practitioner. When he incarnates again, the vibrations of that name remain because he comes with his personal experience. In this personal experience, as a formula, his name may vibrate, but he may not remember it. In this life, he gets a new name that corresponds to his current level of consciousness. The Master sees it.

Master Imram

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