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What is beyond prana force

Science of Kriya

15 November 2021

Prana is controlled by the one who is behind this life force. The Holy Spirit is behind prana – in yoga we call it the “transcendental energy”. This Spirit is self-aware. Behind this energy is the Absolute itself, the Creator Himself manifested in the form of this Power, in the form of Energy. Vibrating, the Creator expressed Himself as the Spirit, or the Holy Spirit, or the Transcendental Power.

Then this self-aware Power that sustains this world through Sound and Light, through AUM, while vibrating, becomes more manifested, in other words, more material – this is the life force prana.

The life force Prana contains all the knowledge about God and the Universe. It contains absolutely everything. The only drawback – it lacks the self-awareness. The self-awareness is lost here, this is why our body is not aware of itself, this is why people are asleep.

How can Kriya help us become awake.

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The journey of becoming awake can be difficult, that’s why our task is to take control of our consciousness and channel it towards self-development. By spiritualising the material nature, by making the cell very conscious, we also make the life force prana conscious and through it move on in our development.

When you sit down to practice, learn to concentrate, begin to feel all your body parts evenly. As you continue to work on your self, you immerse your mind deeper and deeper into the sensations of self-perception. In doing that, the mind acquires certain qualities. This work enables you to perceive all parts of your body, as a single principle, as energy. This is facilitated by Meditation on Sound and Light.

Energization of the spine enables your chakras to awaken and to reveal the knowledge that is contained at very subtle levels.  This knowledge allows you to comprehend the world and the entire Universe. It also contains knowledge of how to control the life force.

But control of the life force is done on the mental level, where you determine what you desire is, you retain the concentration of this desire within your consciousness, and enter into a meditative state. In the state of deep meditation, the breathing stops – you enter the state of Samadhi.

This is an oversimplified explanation.

Can one use prana for achieving personal goals, for instance, to materialize various objects?

You can do it, but by the time when you are able to do it, you will realize that there is no need in doing that. Because that is not the purpose of yoga.

The knowledge, or wisdom you are looking for, will bring about an understanding that everything you need in this life already exists, everything in this world is self-sufficient, all that exists is here.

Of course you can do something for your own benefit, but for this you need to know yourself first and learn to properly concentrate on a single idea. And the power of concentration should last at least 12 seconds of pure Consciousness on one idea. Then you will be able to do it. But remember when people do something for themselves, this is their ego acting.

Generally, Masters at this level can materialize things for other people as a last resort, this is not done to merely show off.

Master Imram

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