What is creativity?


6 July 2022

True creativity is sincerity. It’s the sincerity and frankness that you convey in expressing yourself. Try to give children musical instruments and let them play. It will be the highest degree of creativity because kids, when playing music, put their whole being, their entire Soul into it. They have no notion of what is right or wrong, or how a beautiful piece of music is supposed to sound. They don’t compare. They just play.

When we try to over improve what already exists, when we try very hard to create something ideal, we become too artificial in our approach and we end up loosing creativity.

When I was coming out of a deep transcendent state, I told those who were near me: “It’s all very beautiful, live unintentionally” What does it mean to live your life without any reason? It means to be yourself in a natural, relaxed and accepting way. It means to show love  and acceptance for what you have and who you are.

True creativity means being non judgemental in your thinking and attitude

Where does creativity come from?

квадрат 2

If we take music as an example, it first appears as an idea (in the consciousness), as a sensation, and only then I use the keyboard (synthesizers) and state-of-the-art technologies to create the sounds and the actual music. We create something that can be expressed. It starts as a story for a spiritual movie, then I try to convey the story through sound.

Each sound that I create with my keyboard (synthesizer) is associated with a specific color in my mind. Each colour – represents a form. Back in the 90s, I painted the colour forms for every sound that I can create with a keyboard. When you look at colour forms, you can essentially connect to the vibration of sound.

This is a very important work. The vibrations existing in the sound have to convey the exact idea. However, it’s not an easy task to express the astral and spiritual meaning of an idea through the rough sounds that earthly instruments produce.

Creativity cures

Listening to music leaves a very powerful impression on a human being. Something awakens within, that can heal, elevate and change a person. But music has a finite effect — that is, it appears and disappears. The sound appears and disappears .

But when a melody is illustrated by a painting, those sounds remain captured in the moment.  And when you look at a painting representing a melody, you can again and again connect to the vibration that was produced when that melody was playing. Therefore, both are important.

When you look at a painting, you can connect to the vibrations. For example, Roerich’s paintings have healing powers. Why? Because he painted them while meditating. Why has it become fashionable to look at yantras and listen to mantras? Because they facilitate spiritual advancement. But it’s a long way.

N. Roerich. White Mountains

That’s why music, sound and mantras do help, but if you do sacred Kriya practices, it will accelerate your spiritual growth by thousands or even hundred of thousand times. And then the sound becomes your heritage. Kriya has meditations on Sound and Light.

First of all, a person has to get acquainted with his/her Soul. When one got to know his/her soul, then one can become the Soul and prepare to meet the Spirit. Figuratively speaking, the Soul represent the feminine aspect “The Bride”, and the Spirit represents the masculine aspect “The Groom”. I call this an “alchemical marriage”. This fusion of Soul and Spirit forms the creative potential of our life, brings immortality and facilitates advancement on all levels. This divine act allows us to connect with the Higher Self within us.

When a person creates, one expresses the Divine, even though one might not think of his/her creation as sublime art.

Master Imram

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