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What is initiation?

Science of Kriya

23 November 2021

You get initiated every day: when you see a new ad, when you look at something. We are surrounded by clichés and labels that provide initiation every time we see them. They form the consciousness again and again, they program people.

If one has a fear of spiritual initiation, it does not mean that he or she is not initiated.

How to get rid of 'programs'


The whole world programs people, and that’s why people have problems today. If a person wants to get rid of these programs, he needs to take responsibility for himself, for his life and for his loved ones. One needs to transform his consciousness and learn not to be at the mercy of this matrix principle.

People exist in this state of sleep, where they are forced to suffer emotional experiences that cannot be controlled by them. This often brings unpleasant feeling like a nightmare, and the only salvation is to wake up and get out of this dream.

But in reality we are already living in this dream and you will never get out of it unless you really wake up.

Therefore, whether you want it or not, you are constantly getting initiated. Anywhere and everywhere. A mother says to a child “this is a…” and names something – this is already an Initiation. That is, you initiated the child into that which it is not, you put a label on it, gave it a name and the child now has it imprinted in his mind, he forms his personality in this belief system. And it happens all the time, but in fact it is completely wrong. The whole world is an illusion. But how to explain it to an ordinary person?

Spiritual initiation

There are external Initiations: a person comes to a seminar and receives it.  It is like a blessing. Initiation is a kind of transmission of knowledge and techniques.

And there are also internal initiations and the transmission of what is called bliss or grace, without any religious attributes. This happens naturally and simply: when the Master irradiates his power. When he is at peace, everyone else feels at peace.

Master Imram

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