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What is prana?


5 November 2021

Prana, the life force, is what forms the space. The whole world is made of it. It’s the basis of life, of everything you feel and see. In Sanskrit, the word ‘prana’ means ‘energy.’ Prana is behind every atom—all atoms emerged from it.

How to feel prana

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Prana consists of five types of energy: prana, apana, vyana, udana, samana.  When interacting, these energies create a powerful field. You can feel this field as an atom.

An atom is not actually a particle, it’s light, it’s energy. But we perceive atoms as something that can be touched because of an electromagnetic field. When rotating, electrons generate a magnetic field around the atom and thus we can touch objects and feel their density.


In an ordinary state a human can’t feel pranic energy because it is very subtle.

Practitioners can feel it during meditation. When you immerse your mind in the body, you start to feel what is beyond your physical body—your etheric body. But prana is even subtler. That’s why you need to develop your consciousness, activate neurons and awaken inter-hemispheric connections in order to be able to feel things beyond what you can touch.

How to see prana

You can see prana when you practise meditation on Sound and Light, because you also develop centres that are able to see beyond the ordinary sight. It’s a matter of time.

You can see particles of pranic power, or elements of prana. Open your eyes and look up at the blue sky on a sunny day and you will see an enormous number of flickering particles of light—these are elements of prana.

Sometimes you see pranic energy when you see a flash of light, this or that hue, with your peripheral vision. All of these are elements of prana, but prana itself is even deeper, farther, subtler. We can say that prana is vibrations of sound and light.

To gain control over prana is as difficult as it takes one to force themselves to practise and spend as much time as needed to achieve the first results or feel some changes.

If you are really persistent and sincere, one minute is enough for you. But for some people this minute can last a lifetime, it all depends on how passionate you are about what you want.

Master Imram

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