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What is the energy of a person?


8 April 2021

A person’s energy is directly related to the energy of which that person consists. When we talk about the energy of a person, about the existence of energy, the aura, we are referring to the emanation of very subtle powerful forces which form the astral body. In turn, it vibrates, forms and crystallises into a physically manifested body.

It’s all one energy. The aura is referred to as the plasma body, or the astral body, or the etheric body. There are different levels of aura. It all depends on what is meant by the term “aura”. The aura that everyone can see, or the subtle aura of the mental body, or the aura of the astral body, the aura of the etheric body and finally the aura of the physically manifested body.

It’s all the same energy, that is expressed more subtly or more densely. A radiance from the Vessel of Transcendental Power forms all the bodies by turn. All of this is energy.

The nesting doll principle is a very convenient example to show what the seven bodies of a person are like. A nesting doll is a beautiful national doll with a smaller doll inside with another one and another one inside, all the way down to the smallest one. This example clearly shows the seven bodies of man: one within the other. The largest body is considered a physical body, but it can also be considered a spiritual body. Ordinary people can see the physical body as it is manifested materially. The other bodies can only be seen with subtle vision, that is, the vision that you bring up or awaken. And the tiniest nesting doll is the spiritual body, or Atman, which everyone knows about, but few can see or feel. Because “tiny” means kind of invisible.

The seven human bodies – from spiritual to physical – are known as: spiritual body, buddhi body, causal plane (the vital, causal body), mental body, astral body, etheric-astral body, physical body.

From physical to subtle…

Master Imram

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